Jul 9 2010
Skype – the whole world can talk for free

Skype has been the latest hype and buzz word among netizens thanks to the amazing technology used that lets you make free calls over the internet to any corner of the world. That sounds too good to be true indeed. But guess what? It’s true. If you are away from your family and friends, say for your studies, or for your job, or business, you can use Skype to talk to your loved ones. Texting and emailing have become bygones with the advent of Skype’s all new technology to make calls on the internet.

One subscription with Skype and you get a bunch of lot many offers like transfer files, send IMs share screens of your PC, apart from making free calls to landlines and mobiles and of course video calls. I couldn’t resist myself from trying to make a call through Skype and it’s simply wonderful. At a very cheap premium account I was able to make the most of internet as a communication medium for the first time. There are Skype credits and special Skype features for IPhones and thus, I feel it is an excellent way to save money for your next date J Shopping through Skype is another amazing experience and at the end of the day all you will have to say about Skype is “I Love it!”

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