Oct 4 2010
Stuxnet – Has the Cyber War started?

Gone are those days when WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) were considered as the dealiest weapons of crime. Stuxnet is the generation next weapon of the cyber age. In June 2010 the world had witnessed the virus’s first flavour where it was believed to have targeted various industrial units and nuclear units in Iran.
The composition of this deadly computer virus (a computer worm to be more precise) was so complex that it left the world’s best computer security experts stunned. Infected memory sticks are the source and affected target is the control system of the particular industrial facility. Its sole motive is only to take control of the whole system and doesn’t intend to steal any confidential data or to make money.
The computer worm is so well designed that it infiltrates through the subtle glitches in the system. It does not have a fool proof solution and experts are yet to completely understand the functionalities. The most striking feature of this spyware is it requires no user interaction at all. It loads itself automatically and does what it is intended to. In its later stage, it creates a back door for the attacker to take control of the control system.
This is something that needs immediate attention of experts. Is there a way for Iran to escape the massive cyber attack?


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