Oct 25 2012
Kapitall – Investing For The Rest of Us

Angry traders, flashy clothes, and alot of weird hand gestures.

That’s what we normally associate with trading.


But Kapitall is looking to redefine how we think, with it’s timeless logo “Drag, Drop, Trade. It’s that simple.”

Kapitall is a dedicated group of software entrepreneurs, interface designers, game producers, stock traders and technologists who have come together with a common goal: to make the stock market a place for the rest of us.

Why? Because they believe that complexity is protecting the unfair advantages of insiders, and keeping the rest of us out. Which is why they’ve made it their mission to level the playing field, achieving marketplace democracy for everyone.

Kapitall empowers investors with the tools they need to navigate today’s turbulent markets. The website contains a first-class user experience transforming the investing category just as it has transformed communications, entertainment, and computing. The team has worked to design a new type of investing platform, fueled by simple, engaging, friendly and intuitive cloud-based tools, to help you take control of your financial life, grow your skills and maybe your net worth.

Do your research and investing on the Playground, where Kapitall have swapped out ticker symbols for logos you recognize and made trading as easy as drag and drop.

The best part is, it’s free to join and explore. Start with practice portfolios to test-drive your investing ideas and grow your skills, risk-free.

Get fresh lists of stocks based on market trends and intuitive tools to analyze your picks.

It takes just minutes to open a live trading account. You decide how much money to start with—there’s no minimum deposit or balance required. Fund your account today and your cash is available to trade with tomorrow.

The more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it. There are numerous ways to earn points, badges and Kapitall Koins that you can redeem for special rewards in the Kapitall Store.

Kapitall truly makes the experience of investing as rewarding as the results!


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