Feb 26 2008
Yahoo at IAB Phoenix Conference

Yang and Decker from Yahoo! made an appearance at the the IAB Conference in Phoenix today.

It appears that conversations are still ongoing with Yahoo and Microsoft, although it is a little confusing what is really going on, one thing for sure is that Microsoft is going for it and has started hostile takeover steps with preparations for a proxy battle and the ousting of the Yahoo board.

What will Yahoo do?

At this point it appears is preparing their Apex ad system, which has some buzz. We will see if it is as promised. Indications are good so far.

Along with Apex we should expect to see a Buzz offering from Yahoo.

We haven’t heard too much about Yahoo Live, it appears to still be up and running with about 1500 viewers and 100 channels broadcasting live. Most of the video is not worth watching but there are a few that are interesting. How is Live going to be different than ustream and justin tv? That is the question.

Yahoo has to offer a product that is different than anything else out there. Maybe playing catchup and surpassing the competition is part of the strategy?

More to follow.


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