Sep 14 2011
Save Money On Home Repairs!


A home is a major investment. Perhaps the most important investment you will ever make. Long after the education has been paid for and the kids have flown the coop, your home will still be there, vying for the attention of your time and of your wallet. Whether it’s as simple as cleaning out the rain gutters, or as involved as replacing the plumbing, you can count on your home to supply you with a lifetime of work & expenses. Many of these expenses will be incurred on you suddenly, without warning. It is essential that you have a plan of action for dealing with the costs of owning a home, especially the unexpected ones that go above and beyond the mortgage payment.

American Residential Warranty is such a plan. It helps you manage the extra expense of replacing covered system components and appliances in your household. Yes that’s right, American Residential Warranty also covers appliances! This can include your Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Central Air Conditioning, Water Heater, Plumbing systems, and more! American Residential Warranty uses only leading brands for parts, repairs, and replacements.

There are several plans to choose from, and NO long-term contracts. NO inspections of your home are required. And you get emergency 24/7 coverage, which could come in handy if your water heater decides to conk out in the middle of January. The coverage is transferable, and you get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Home warranty packages start at just $1 a day. The processing fee is normally $39, but for a limited time, American Residential Warranty is offering an enrollment fee of only $9. Protect your investment! Act now and save over $30 with American Residential Warranty!


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