Sep 7 2010
Robert Schimmel Passes Away at 60!!

We all are familiar with the name of Robert Schimmel. A big name of Comedy world, who tickled our laughter bones for more than 30 years and made us laugh through his unique comedy, passed away at the age of 60 on 3rd September, 2010.

According to the news agency (AP) Robert Schimmel was died because of the fatal injuries in account of a car accident, which took place on 26th August.  Brief reports stated that he was moving in a private car with his daughter Aliyah and his 11 years old Son. While her daughter was driving the car an accident took place on the road and Aliyah avoiding the other accident lost her control on car, which resulted in a major accident.

Rescue teams arrived spryly on the spot and both Robert Schimmel and her daughter was hospitalized, whereas his son remained uninjured miraculously. At last on 3rd September, 2010 Robert Schimmel left this mortal world after striving a whole week with serious injuries. His daughter Aliyah who also got injuries has recovered back with the wounds.

Robert Schimmel will always remain alive in our hearts. His famous The Howard Stern Show and other HBO series made his character an immortal one in this world. May god bless him and his soul rest in peace.


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