Jul 5 2011
Hackers tweet ‘Obama assassinated’ on Fox News account

News can take any kind of form, early Monday morning there was a group of hackers which targeted a Fox News Twitter account. Well what they did was they posted the false update of Obama being killed. This was a shock.

Well the manager of Fox News is saying that they will take care of the account and seek a detailed explanation of how did this happen. He also says that they will take measures so that nothing like this can happen in future.

Twitter being on of the famousest, has many followers, the account has over 33,000  followers. Well, it has been reported that the hackers behind the Twitter attack have now claimed responsibility.

The hackers took control of the account on 4th of July, which was a public holiday. Well, when 33,000 people followed the tweet they were shocked by the news. It sure is a fake. But still hundreds of followed it and even were forwarding this on to their followers.

Well, now Fox has regained the control of their own Fox News Politics Twitter account. This was said by a spokesman for PCWorld. Jeff Misenti the General manager of Fox News told that they will seek a detailed investigation of Twitter about how this happened. He also assured that they will take preventive measures to prevent this kind of misshapen in the future and any other kind of unauthorized access to accounts FoxNews.com. Things are settled now and well, people are now aware that did not happen.



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