Dec 1 2010
Google Buying Groupon, fact, fiction, or deal of the day

updated: 12/1/10

According to several sources.  We have learned a few more tidbits about what could be going on.

Is Google paying too much?  What can Google do with $6 billion!!! Wow I bet they could do a lot!

We are reading that the latest offer is in the $6 billion area… wow, that is double what we had heard initially.

1. Groupon long term strategy: shop owners to set up virtual stores on Groupon to create as many deals as they want.

2. With Google Decision Imminent, Groupon Makes an Acquisition:

3. Groupon expanding in Silicon Valley and Asia (Reuters)

4. Pretty sure last night’s Groupon meeting went like this: “So uh, champagne and new Audis all around?”

5. Groupon acquires development firm Ludic Labs


We are reading from various sources that Google is in advanced discussions with Groupon over an acquisition. This is going to make some people very happy and very very rich!

Imagine 2.5 billion for a company that makes money selling other businesses discounted products and services. Genius!

People love to save and people love to try new products and services. The drive to find a bargain. Which in may cases makes us spend money we would not otherwise spend.

So far we know that Yelp has been in the space for a few months, competing in some markets, can it grow to the level that Groupon has?

Google also has Hotpot which appears to be a great fit for Groupon online, review a business and get a deal while looking for a restaurant, etc..

Groupon basically started about two years ago and has shown shot out of the box with unprecedented growth. Reports are that the company makes $100k per day! Selling services and products offered by companies it represents in deals of the day.
Now Groupon is also offering holiday gifts, to these various businesses.
How does Groupon fit into the deal/coupon craze?

Another story has it that Yahoo is in talks to buy Groupon for $4 billion, yes, that is crazy!! Why would any of these companies pay that much for a site like Groupon? What does Groupon have that some of the other players in the crowdsourcing deal sites have?

If I was Yelp I would put the metal to the pedal and accelerate the deals, otherwise it is going to be facebook with the places and deals and Groupon. We need more options, basically I like the facebook model, that I check in to a place and a deal is available to me.
FourSquare has the same opportunity.
Guys don’t miss out on this.

Sources: VatorNews, AllThingsD- Kara Swisher


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