Oct 20 2010
Manage your money online with Mint.com

Do you wish to have a life which is secure, richer and debt-free? Mint.com is a website which lets you plan your life ahead financially and extremely helpful if you are nearing your age of retirement. The website provides effective ways to manage save and grow the money. Being America’s first online personal financial service provider, Mint.com is free to use and has a team of professionals who advice and support you to turn your dreams into reality.
The website provides every service that takes to manage your finances. Once you register at Mint.com with the info required, they do the bookkeeping for you alerting you whenever there are changes in your finances. It is a great tool to analyze your spending.
I wanted to know if such a system which requires access to our finances and personal confidential info, is safe for us to use. Mint.com uses bank-level data security verified by Verisign and TrustE. They don’t get your name, your address, or any contact number. You just anonymously use the system to track your accounts and finances over the internet. The four wonderful services offered by Mint.com are
• creation of a smart budget
• save for retirement
• pay student loans
• pay off debt.

There is a lot more Mint.com has to offer. Make the best of this online money management tool by clicking here!


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