Mar 11 2012
CityVille: Build the City of your Dreams!

Entertaining, exciting, and amusing, it is the most popular of all games – CityVille by Zynga. It is one of the largest games on Facebook being played by monthly active users as per the AppData. In CityVille, players create the city of their dreams and likes. They can build their homes, famous landmarks, and create commercial establishments to grow their city. Besides players can also form contacts and socialize with each other as in real cities and increase their circle of family and friends. Also all social activities which you carry on in your real life, you can very easily do in your CityVille.

The game has surpassed 61 million MAUs in just the period of 50 days since the day of its first launch. It was the first game to be started in multiple languages like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. And in June 2011, CityVilla also launched a mobile application which is now available on Apple iOS platforms. It allows the players to create small villages and towns and the link with the Facebook friends. The game is about adding creativity to your social frenzy and remaining satiated and happy, as you keep on achieving your goals.

Because of the popularity of the game, Zynga has also launched its beta version of Zynga City, which is also known as a localized Chinese version of CityVille and now there are many more versions too. Open your account in Facebook, click on CityVille and start playing, it is that easy. Let’s see now what Zynga will have for us in the future.


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