Aug 4 2011
E-lites – the finest in electronic Cigarettes

For the smoke lovers, E-lites is the finest in electronic cigarettes and is available in the United States Market today. They continue to utilize the latest technology to remain the market leaders for their continued research and development. It is disposable electronic cigarette in the market producing strong and refined vapor and taste that you will cherish. Electronic cigarettes are making waves in the cigarette industry as on one hand they satisfy the customers while on the other are non toxic and have least effect on the health.

These E40 cigarettes are the best for your night out, long journey and meetings and are readily available for the smokers. You can purchase these cigarettes in the pack of five. The company claims, with E-lites cigarettes you can save 60-70 per cent of the cost of the conventional cigarettes as each E-Tip nicotine cartridge is equivalent to around 40-50 cigarettes with their cost less than $5.

Moreover the vapor too which emanates from the E-lites is completely free from odor and soon gets removed and this makes you choose E-lites and enjoy complete freedom from the unpleasant smell and discoloration. A single electronic cigarette packed in flavor lasts for as long as 30-40 conventional cigarettes before requiring recharge. Moreover the advanced technology built in the E-Lites gives great enjoyable experience. This is due to the power supply by the G9 battery. Overall if you are a smoker, E-lites is the best as you are sure to have pleasant experience but without any harm to your health and environment.


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