Jun 13 2010
DXG – 518V Digital Camcorder

DXG has always had the name of making cheap camcorders. The market with players like Canon and Panasonic, DXG strives hard to penetrate with it camcorders. It is a perception that DXG camcorders dosent satisfies the need of the consumers. In other words there is a difference between what a user expects from DXG camcorders and what it actually provides. The price range of the cameras of this cadet ranges $1000 to $1500. The former is provided by Canon and Panasonic respectively. The advent of many new players who present the same commodity at a very low price of $150-$200 has diluted the whole market. Video output with good resolution is of high priority for many people when it comes to buying a camcorders and DXG has an abysmal so called high-definition video output. There are always two sides of coin. The company, DXG, as such is promising with good numbers. When you look into the box, one could see that the resolution is printed with big numbers, 1920 x 1080 pixels. But this is just half the story. The picture quality is not only based on the pixels but bit rate. Higher the bit rate greater the picture quality. Canon is a good example for this scenario. It promises nearly 24 Megabytes per Second, which is quite high comparing to lower end cameras offering just 9 Megabytes per second. DXG-518V too has some positive side as well. This 4” high gadget, DXG-518V, fits in your hand just like a baby does. We can also call this as a pistol grip design. The LCD swivels and it looks comfortable. The limelight of having a DXG-518V is that the piece comes with a HDMI cable in the box, which even the bigger players doesn’t provide. Now, one can capture a lot of lovely moments with DXG as it comes with SDHC cards, which helps to greater amount of storage. DXG now offers 2.5″ TFT display. So the image will be little more bright than usual with little larger display. The DXG-581V comes with built-in voice recorder which is good. The camcorder comes with a 8 mega pixel camera. The shutter speed is 30 frames per second. The flash memory that it comes up with is 32 Mb. The focus lens is 581V and the zoom level is only 4 x. The average level in the market is little high. So the DXG-518 V has failed in this sense. The gadget weighs 4.06 oz which is little lighter and so now you can carry the camcorder for a long time. The camcorder records in H.264, MOV format. The manufacturer guarantees 1 year for this product. When one looks at the product they can get gelled with the product but when analysed the technical specifications then the DXG-518V gets thumbs down. Although the price seems attractive, in fact the lowest in the market, with $124.81, it seems that the DXG has a lot of scope of improvement when it is compared with the lights of Canon’s and Panasonic’s. The DXG-518V is yet another illustration that if something appears to be true then it probably is.

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