Oct 28 2011
Disney’s Club Penguin- Game and Community Builder

Among the family of Disney games, Club Penguin has struck the right cod among children and parents alike. It is not just game but a way for children to create a sense of togetherness. It’s colorful and creative pictures preferably of Penguins entice children and adults too. The whole game is very challenging yet lucrative and creates a positive spot for the kids and families while taking care of the safety of children. Club Penguin can hosts several contests, promotions and charitable events too whereby kids feel safe and good about themselves while they make new friends.

The entire game is played in a very strict and safe environment whereby children have to follow certain basic rules like obliging other penguins and paying respect to them, no inapt talk and no revelation of any of the personal information. Moreover there is no scope of any cheating. Now Disney is also going to add certain parental controls over the website as they will allow parents to choose between the safe chat or free chat system, fix particular timings in which children can play and enjoy and moreover parents can also change kid’s password and visualize all the account activity. The whole concept of Club Penguin is to get children play, enjoy, and impart moral values in them and importance of charity. But the main problem of the game is that many of the popular features are for only members and so others are not able to use those features. Secondly if you log on during the peak hours, you will feel like confused by viewing similar penguins and many times it also becomes very difficult to read the names of penguins, and chatting also becomes very difficult to follow.

Overall with these new controls and options for chat, Club penguin is a positive entreaty in itself for the whole family to play. And now you can get 12 months of Club Penguin membership for the price of 8 months. Though parents have to deal with requests yet they can assure of themselves that their children will not be logged day and night at least.

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