May 17 2013
Paula Deen Bakeware Goes on Sale

There’s nothing better than saving money on things you want and need. The Paula Deen Store is currently running a special on Bakeware available through their website. The sale is expected to last until May 23, 2013. The prices currently display reflect your potential savings.

Paula Deen Bakeware Goes on Sale

Paula Deen, known worldwide for her cooking show Paula’s Home Cooking (Food Network), recently started selling branded cookware under her own name. Her Bakeware includes everything from cake sets, springform pans, to things like cast iron cornbread molds and gingerbread house mold.

The current sale on Bakeware includes twenty different items, starting as low as $11.97 and going up from there. Paula Deen Bakeware consistently receives five star reviews from home cooks. Many of the items currently on sale also include free shipping.

The following is a list of the current Paula Deen Bakeware on sale:

  • 4-pc. Cake Set
  • 9-in Springform Pan: Champagne
  • Cast Iron Cornbread Mold
  • 9x13in. Cake Pan: Champagne
  • 3-pc. Cookie Sheet Set
  • Cast Iron Gingerbread House Mold
  • 7-pc. Ultimate Set
  • 10-in. Fluted Cake Pan: Champagne
  • 9x9in. Cake Pan: Champagne
  • 11×17-in. Cookie Sheet: Champagne
  • 9-in. Cake Pan Champagne
  • Cast Iron Gingerman and Gingerwoman Mold
  • 3-pc. Triple Layer Cake Set
  • 10×15-in. Cookie Set
  • 9×5-in. Loaf Pan: Champagne
  • 3-pc. Starter Set
  • 13×18-in. Sheet Pan
  • 9×13-in. Sheet Pan
  • 12-c Muffin Pan: Champagne
  • 5-pc. Essential Bakeware Set

If you act right now, you can save Up to 40% on select Paula Deen Bakeware! To qualify for free shipping, you will need to order at least $49 worth of Bakeware. Paula Deen Bakeware is the best of the best. You have no problem finding exactly what you want at the Paula Deen Store online. Click here to get more details on the Bakeware available and how to qualify for free shipping.


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