May 30 2010
Queen of Hearts Slots

Feeling bored? Then come and play the best slot game in the business. Queen of Hearts Slots is a simple online slot machine game that is powered by the Vegas technology.

This four play line slot game brings out some trouble-free graphics. The whole interface is easy to work with. All one needs to do is to get the scattered symbol in one straight line. Make sure you hold on to the clubs and spades to get a good amount of money. If you want to get eight hundred times more than what you had bet, then be prepared to get to the diamond symbol.

However, the real treat is once you get the Queen of hearts. It gets you a whopping two thousand times of your bet. Queen of hearts slots also includes options like delay spin and auto spin. Vegas technology gives you the opportunity to stop the auto spin when you win the jackpot.

This easy to play game keeps you engaged for hours and it is the best of all the slot games available online. You can take away the jackpot just by playing for a maximum of four coins. If you want to hit really big then this is the game for you!


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