Nov 22 2010
A New Way to Marketize Products

These days we come across new and new concepts every other hour. Using latest technology people are making more diversified uses of it. These days’ people prefer things which play multiple roles for them. For example if we see cell phones or mobiles; they are serving as a mean of communication as well as one can use internet on these phones too. Moreover cell phones these days are also equipped with cameras which make people to use these phones as their audio video cameras too. These have been the uses of cell phones since long. But these days there is another use of mobiles which have been introduced recently in the market. It includes the service of text messages.
Trumpia  has built a website which has introduced a new type of marketing known as mobile marketing which has been in very much demand these days. Moreover through their website person enables himself to remain in touch at different forums like twitter, facebook, orkut etc at the same time. Even the fortune 500 uses this new technique of mobile marketing because they know that this really is working these days. Becoming a member of their website allows a person to enjoy mobile text, IM, Email, Voice broadcast etc at the same time with the help of all in one messaging. It will help people to network in a strong way with minimum efforts. So what are you waiting for? Log into their website and make use of this new concept as soon as possible.


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