Mar 26 2008
Charter Internet Outage

It is pretty interesting when you have Charter running a promo for High-Speed for Life and most of the state of California drops Charter internet service.

Perhaps the bids should have been reduced on the auction.

We have Charter at the office and it is way more problematic that AT&T DSL. The main advantage to cable is that it can be significantly faster.

Charter has much work to do in have tiered services for residential and commercial businesses. If I am a business account I should not be running off the same pipe that residential customers are. I am paying a premium for that “special” service.

It appears that as of 12:30pm the internet is back up, although it has been in and out.

No reason why it went out either.

That’s another thing Charter Communications can add is a dashboard on the internet that shows the health of their network. Perhaps because they have so many problems they don’t want to air their dirty laundry.

I used to be with Charter at home and I am a stockholder in the company. I have thought of going back to Charter and they I encounter this, doesn’t make me anxious to go back and try them out.

Then I hear from other people of the horror stories they have had, from poor customer service to complete botch of service calls.

Customer Service needs to be #1 with companies. It amazes me how bad customer service can be.

Does anyone else have any experiences they would like to share with Charter?


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