Dec 27 2007
In Oregon

We are in Oregon for the next few days and the weather has been something to write about.

We have seen hail, snow, rain and sun. Cold! In the 30’s at night and daytime maybe 40.

Today we had breakfast in Cannon Beach, a lovely place.

We then went on to Tilamook to see our Uncle and his new wife. Manolo and Sheila Garcia. They live on 3rd Street near the town center. They have a beautiful home that and she is a great cook. She didn’t stop feeding us. What a great host and Manolo can carry a discussion on any topic. Today we discussed a book my Carroll Quigley, who carries many credentials and tells the histor of events. Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966) ISBN 094500110X

More to follow on our trip. Stay tuned.


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