Oct 19 2010
Mike Tyson is turning paparazzi into sparring partners

A 25 million dollar lawsuit for a certified star is peanuts and can easily be paid off but for a former heavyweight champion who doesn’t occupy the ring anymore it can be heavy. This is what Mike Tyson is getting after he got into a fight with a paparazzi photographer. No it wasn’t Las Vegas that witnessed the fight but people at LAX airport. Antonio Echevarra the photographer who was manhandled by the former heavyweight champion filed the lawsuit at the Los Angeles Superior Court. According to Echevarra Tyson threatened him by saying, “I will kill you” and started chasing the photographer inflicting various injuries to his spine, neck and face. Tyson who was travelling with his mother-in-law, wife and his 10 month old daughter was going to Las Vegas enroute from LAX. Tyson’s side of the fence was relayed by his attorney Shawn Chapman saying that the photographer aggressively followed the ex boxer even bumping the stroller of Tyson’s daughter and purposely ignoring airport personnel’s orders to leave the boxer alone. This and Tyson travelling without security leaving the whole family open for the paparazzi to capitalize on. At least Mike Tyson is getting adequate practice even in retirement.


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