Oct 19 2010
Michael Lohan pursuing daughter like a hawk

The Lindsay Lohan ring of circus continues, after being shipped at Betty Ford Center for substance abuse problems, Lindsey’s father is apparently getting into the fray. Michael Lohan spotted in a hotel beyond a reachable distance at Betty Ford Center is adamant about visiting his daughter at the rehab center. This and a plan he hatched so he can capitalized on Family Week which includes faking a relapse and getting himself drunk just to get inside Betty Ford Center. His reason; if his daughter needs family counseling then he should be included. When all else fails it will all just go down to writing a letter and the hopes of reaching Lindsay. Michael was overhead in an interview that “if the problems of Lindsey has something to do with me treating her means including me in the equation”. Which of course drew the ire of his beloved daughter by claiming that his antics are disgusting. Her negative reaction on his father using the media in order to get to her is an absolute disgrace to her good graces. She left the most stinging remark by telling him to back away and leave her alone.


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