Oct 25 2010
Mel Gibson’s Ex tells all

Apart from her harrowing ordeal with Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva described Gibson as a lunatic talking to himself while frothing in the mouth. Strong accusations from the Russian born musician who has a baby daughter with Gibson. After declaring that she was scared for her life Grigorieva narrated every inch of her relationship with Gibson as though she had gone through hell. It also included Gibson hitting her while holding their baby and threatening to kill her. She also claimed that Gibson was going through a depressive state and if not holding his Catholic faith above himself he would have committed suicide long ago. Documenting every threat he received from Gibson through his calls had given her some kind of leverage but to Gibson she was merely extorting him which Grigorieva falsely denied. The whole fiasco is under investigation and observers say it could really turn into a circus what with Grigorieva being hailed as an extortionist while Gibson a domestic wife beater. In the end Gibson proposed to pay his former girlfriend $15 million to turn over all the evidences while a judge has determined Gibson’s child support payments should be adjusted from $5, 000 to $20,000.


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