Oct 19 2010
Angelina Jolie pursues a new endeavor

Take it as an actress gift, a caliber of Angelina Jolies persona gives out more than a one sided deal. Her latest endeavor is taking on her directorial debut on a project centered on a love story between a Serb man falling in love with a Bosnian woman. The project location will be done on Budapest, Hungary which will move to Sarajevo in a months time. As with all the controversy created by Jolie from his love life to adopting an international breed of children her project also drew a curtain call this time from Bosnia’s Minister of Culture. Withdrawing the film permit because of a misunderstanding on the theme of the movie and women who have been raped protesting along with it but true to the aura that Jolie has on the viewing public everything was put in order and Bosnia’s Minister of Culture reinstated the permit. Thank goodness they didn’t believe that the whole plot was about a Muslim victim who was raped by a Serbian as earlier reported see the difference. Another fortunate alliance of Jolie was the producers at Scout Films giving the Bosnian Government officials a copy of the original screenplay leading to the permit reinstatement.


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