Mar 29 2010
Jesse James dumps Sandra Bullock for fetish fashion model

Americas own sweet heart Sandra Bullock has been hitting the celebrity gossip headlines lately. There have been rumors about her husband, reformed ex-bad boy ‘Jesse James’ apparently he has been spotted sneaking around with an equally tattooed beauty and fetish model ‘Michelle Mcgee’. At present these rumors haven’t been confirmed, but this news has struck a bad chord with the American public who feels badly for Sandra and aren’t surprised at Jesse’s unforgivable behavior. Back in 2005 when the two decided to tie the knot and get married there were open comments from the public and many of Sandra’s close friends about their suitability as a couple. To top off this precarious situation an inside source has spread word that Sandra is pregnant with Jesses baby, at the ripe age of 45 this would be Sandra’s first baby, which makes the whole particularly dire. Photos of Jesse’s lover Michelle acgee wearing skimpy underwear accessorized with a Nazi officers hat and arm band have been circulated through the internet by infamous celebrity gossip news agency TMZ.

If you’re curious to know what kind of girl Jesse left lovely Sandra Bullock for have a look at these great studio shots of Michelle Mcgee at her best


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