Jul 19 2010
iPhone goes dark and hard to bring screen back

Do you have trouble with your iPhone, where it goes dark and it doesn’t come on no matter which buttons you press… then all of a sudden it comes on?
What causes this?

The iPhone is on but no matter what you do it doesn’t come back for at least 10 seconds when all of a sudden the screen reappears.

Today, while receiving a call my screen locked up, it didn’t matter what I pressed on the screen. It was really locked up. This has happened before but not this had, where I basically had to power reset the iPhone 3GS. ┬áThis is with iOS 4.01.

Not really pleased with Apple and AT&T and their lack of response to these issues.

We have heard that AT&T is rolling out new towers, but nothing is changing in my area, other than continued troubles with dropped calls, actually getting worse.


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