Apr 5 2010
Google updates applications for Apple iPad

The newly launched Apple iPad

Looking at the aspects that the newly launched Apple iPad is posing, Google has made changes to a series of applications here and there to increase the compatibility between its applications and Apple’s newly launched iPad tablet.

As per these changes, those with iPads will find Google Search located in the top right corner of Safari just like their big brothers Mac and the iPhone. Other applications that ship with the iPad include YouTube, Street View, and Maps.

For the advertisers who are interesteed in targetting the consumers on the iPad, Google has added an option in AdWords to serve up ads formatted for the content that will be read on the iPad. During the year that passed, the Google AdWords team has been working hard to ensure that the served ads work good on a variety of devices — such as mobile phones with full Internet browsers like those running Android operating system, and Apple’s iPhone. Similar to the iPhone, now Google has made placing ads on iPad an option.

Advertisers will have lots of consumers to reach.According to estimates, Apple sold between 600k and 700k iPads during the first day of sales, including online pre-orders that began in March. If we look back at the numbers, in the past,  it took Apple three days to sell a million iPhone 3GS, and 74 days to sell 1 million original iPhones.

Aside from Google, Yahoo also brought an entertainment portal to the iPad. Yahoo on Friday released Yahoo Entertainment. It offers multi-touch interactive features and geographic functions that pinpoint a consumer’s location to deliver targeted local television listings and content in both portrait and landscape displays.


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