Mar 4 2010
A Multimedia Solution – Watch, Download, Record and Convert Easily

Applian Technologies
Computer and internet has changed our lifestyle and the demand of software is increasing with the time. Computer and internet is the main attribute that replaced the tape recorders and DVD players in our life and the multimedia available on the internet is expanding day by day.

Applian Technologies is excellent resource for handy software’s of multimedia and other software collections. Applian Technologies is bringing new ideas in the market to make easy and efficient use of internet and multimedia on internet. There are a lot of amazing software that are world known and these are also used by companies as well as individuals.

One of the most prompting software from Applian Technologies is “Ask & Record toolbar”. This software package is based on the new technology and it reduces the hassle of downloading videos from thousands of websites. The exciting feature of this product is that when you watch a video form any website, it also starts downloading the video along playing it for you and after downloading you can make that video a permanent file on your computer.

You might have experience many websites that have made it almost impossible to download an audio file but the exciting ask and record toolbar makes it possible for you. Just click on the record button and the recording starts. This makes very easy to get your favorite audio on your pc without purchasing it.

This software package also includes a file converter and you can convert a file to the many extensions such as MP3, WMV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1. It is also interesting that the file converted with this software can be played on an iPod.

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