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Jan 20 2013
Official Transcript: Barack Obama – Inaugural Presidential Address Jan 20, 2009

Inaugural Presidential Address Jan 20, 2009
Official Transcript: Barack Obama

On January 20, 2009 President Barack Obama was sworn in as 44th President of the United States and delivered his Inaugural Address. (This video is public domain per White House copyright policy)

Here’s the transcript from 2009:

Inaugural Address

By President Barack Hussein Obama
My fellow citizens: I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you’ve bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.
I thank President Bush for his service to our nation — (applause) — as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath. The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. Yet, every so often, the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because we, the people, have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears and true to our founding documents.

So it has been; so it must be with this generation of Americans.
That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood. Our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age. Homes have been lost, jobs shed, businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly, our schools fail too many — and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.


Jan 20 2013
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Jan 20 2013
Natural ingredients for solving skin problems from Naturasil Natural Remedies

Often we face different kinds of skins related problems. Skin related problems are very notorious for hampering convenience in regular life style. Skin diseases very often make our physical appearance non-charming. Moreover, some kinds of skin diseases (eczema, ringworm etc) cause severe inconvenience, such as frequent itching on the skin. In extreme cases, acute and long term skin diseases affect the normal functioning of kidney. So skin diseases should not be left untreated. There are mainly three different methodologies, currently popular among people, for treating skin diseases; (1) allopath – approved by medical science, (2) homeopath and (3) herbal. The last one, herbal methodology has currently become popular among the concerned patients of skin diseases. Naturasil Natural Remedies is a provider of herbal health care services. The herbal methodology uses natural ingredients and different herbs for treating skin diseases. It is believed that, the herbal methodology or herbal medicines have fewer side effects on

Psoriasis nummalata

Natural ingredients for solving skin problems

the respective patients. So, the one, who is conscious of side effects of medicines, can use herbal medicines of different organizations, like Naturasil Natural Remedies etc. There are different kinds of medicines available with Naturasil Natural Remedies. Each of those medicines is made of herbal or natural ingredients and thus is free of any side effects. The products / medicines of Naturasil are of high quality. All of the products of naturasil adhere to the conventions of gold standard that is set by the America’s Institute of Homeopathy’s Committee on Pharmacopeia. The people at Naturasil are very much confident of the quality and success of their natural medicines. That is why, Naturasil Natural Remedies are sold with a “90-day full money back guarantee”. So it you are looking for a solution to skin problems, consider the Naturasil Natural Remedies.

Jan 20 2013
Electronic Cigarettes: often less harmful than traditional ones

Electronic cigarettes are getting familiar among the smokers. A large number of smokers have adopted the electronic cigarettes for fulfilling their need of smoking. A considerable consumer base has already been created in different countries. Several business organizations are producing and selling this kind of cigarettes throughout the world. The physical appearance Electronic cigarettes are very similar to the traditional cigarettes . one cannot distinguish the electronic cigarettes by E-Lites, a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes , from the traditional ones without looking inside the container of electronic one. Electronic cigarettes differs from the traditional cigarettes in terms of inner functionalities. Most electronic cigarettes , just like the electronic cigarettes by E-Lites, use a liquid or concentration as an alternative to the tobacco . that liquid is heated by an electric coil, at the time of smoking, for generating vapor. That vapor is inhaled by the smokers. In reality , it’s smoking, without tobacco, that is going on by consuming electronic cigarettes. Smokers still may inhale the nicotine (most dangerous element of tobacco and liable for cancer ) with electronic cigarettes. The liquid or concentration used in the electronic cigarettes, also contain nicotine. The only better side of electronic cigarettes is , a smoker can make the respective concentration or liquid tailored to personal preferences. One can choose to have any level of nicotine (even zero level of nicotine ) in his / her concentration. Therefore , a smoker can reduce the extent of health hazards to be caused b

Electronic Cigarette Inhalation

Electronic Cigarette

y smoking, by reducing the amount of nicotine in the respective liquid or concentration. For promoting the consumption of electronic cigarettes by E-Lites

, the concerned manufacturers often provide special offers like discounts , coupons . before switching to electronic cigarettes, individuals should investigate the elements, used in the liquid or concentration , so ensure Absence of harmful elements.

Jan 20 2013
Get your teeth Sparkling White with Power Swabs (5 min to 7 days)

The value of bright white teeth is well realized when two individuals, one with brighter white teeth than the other one, are appeared face to face. In such situation, you will notice that everybody on the spot are getting more attracted to the person with brighter teeth and frequently looking at the bright smiling face of that person. Obviously, the distinguishing fact here is the sparkling white teeth. White is the specific color that gets matched perfectly with the teeth of every one. Teeth do not fall under the category of the products, which suit with different colors. Therefore, the whiter one’s teeth get, the better he/ she looks.


The good news here, a revolutionary product has come in the market to help you in getting the teeth sparkling white. That particular product is brand named as “power swabs”. For teeth whitening, power swabs have no alternative. The makers of power swabs provide guarantees of getting whiter teeth. To make the result visible, teeth whitening power swabs take only 5 minutes or even less. The Teeth Whitening Power Swabs are actually a kind of detergent that is used to remove the stains from the surface of teeth.

Those stains work as obstacles in appearing your teeth whiter. When those stains are removed by teeth whitening power swabs, your teeth start glowing out in its inherent bright white color. After applying the power swabs for the first time, you would find your teeth whiter in just 5 minutes of time. And if you get encouraged by the instant results by teeth whitening power swabs, then you should continue to use the product for a longer span of time. After 7 days of regular use, you will find your teeth sparkling white. So get ready and order a pack of power swabs now.

Jan 20 2013
Electronic Cigarettes: alternatives to traditional smoking
English: Super-T Manufacturing's all mechanica...

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette is relatively newer addition to the world of smoking. Electronic Cigarettes are now consumed or used by a large number of smokers throughout the world. These cigarettes are similar to the real or traditional cigarettes in terms of physical appearance. But the inner functionalists are very different of these two kinds of cigarettes. At present there are several business organizations that are working around the promotions and sales of electronic cigarettes. One example of that kind of organizations is Envy cigarettes. The physical appearance of Envy cigarettes is almost same to the traditional cigarettes. But the inner structure and working process of electronic cigarettes are much different from the traditional one. An electronic cigarette is operated by the power of electricity. Therefore, a battery as source of electricity is attached to every electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette generally consists of 5 major components. They are: cartridge, atomizer, magnet adopter, battery and liquid. The cartridge is a small plastic container that acts as mouth piece and reservoir for the liquids. That liquid is used as the main ingredient here for generating the experience of smoking. This liquid is heated by the atomizer, which is a kind of electronic coil that generates temperature/ heat upon connecting to a source of electricity, such as a battery. When the liquid is got heated by the atomizer, there occurs vaporization, which is inhaled by the respective smokers. Magnet adopter is used for holding the battery and atomizer together. Therefore, the summary of the process is, a liquid or concentration is vaporized by heating. For heating an electronic coil, known as atomizer, is used. A battery is used for supplying electricity to the atomizer. The generate vapor is inhaled by the respective smokers. And all these components are packed in a stick like container that is very physically similar to a traditional cigarette. It is very hard to distinguish the Electronic Envy cigarettes from the traditional ones, because of similarity in physical looks.

Jan 20 2013
Sage one: cloud based solution for businesses

Sage one is a cloud based solution intended for micro and small sized enterprises.  It is actually a software for business management.  The word “could” refers to the World Wide Web or internet. Therefore, any internet based solutions are called cloud solutions.  Sage one helps the micro and small sized enterprises or businesses to manage several critical tasks of businesses with low level of efforts. With Sage one, a micro or small sized business can manage their invoicing process efficiently.  Sage one also provides services related to expenses management. Moreover, Sage one has the capability of tracing any project of the respective business.   Additionally, a payroll module is there for managing the salary related matters of businesses. The Sage one comes with simplicity of use. Every operation of Sage one and business data can be controlled or accessed   from a single dash board. As Sage one is based on cloud, most of the processing is done on the central computer server managed by the authority of Sage one.  So the respective owners are set free of infrastructure expenses. Every Sage one purchase comes with 5 GB of free cloud storage facility. Besides the above advantages, Sage one

Sage front


also has some disadvantages. Business owners cannot integrate their bank accounts or credit cards with the operations of Sage one. In short, Sage one has less facility for customization or tailoring. And that is justified by the fact that Sage one is marketed as a solution for the small or micro sized businesses, not for the corporate or large ones. The services of Sage one along with the critical business data can be accessed from anywhere, with device connected to internet along with a web browser.  So, all types of tablets, Smart-phones   and desktops are compatible with Sage one. Small business owners should consider Sage one for efficient operation of   businesses.

Jan 19 2013
Kisstixx Lip Balm @Kisstixx

Revolutionized the kissing industry with Kisstixx lip balm, soon to launch a whole line of kissing products, check us out!

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KissStix Gum

Jan 19 2013
Dodger’s Fan Fest 2013 January 26, 2013 at Dodger Stadium Free

Dodger’s Fan Fest 2013 January 26, 2013 at Dodger Stadium Free

Dodger’s Fan Fest

This Free event is fun for the whole family. Join up to 20,000 fans at this years first Fan Fest at Dodger Stadium.

  • Player Autographs More »
  • On Stage Interviews
  • Kids Games
  • Beer Garden (21+)
  • Food Trucks
  • Merchandise
  • All merchandise at FanFest will be 20% off!

For more info click here.

Jan 19 2013
Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, Beer, Wine and Candy Highland Park @Galcos

Carrying over 500 different sodas in glass bottles
Galco’s now stocks more than 600 types of beer
Also specialize in vintage candy!

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop
5702 York Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90042

Phone (323) 255-7115
Email [email protected]

Jan 19 2013
Kim Dotcom Launches Mega Traffic Far Exceeds Expectations

Kim Dotcom’s Mega has launched and crossed the 250,000 user mark with massive usage,
The site has slowed to a crawl.


Kim himself has called the new service “100% Safe & Unstoppable.”

Thousands of user registrations PER MINUTE.

It sounds like music and movies are in the next phase of Mega…

Jan 19 2013
Streamy Awards Hollywood Palladium on Sunday, February 17, 2013 @streamys

Chris Hardwick To Host Streamys

The Streamy Awards honor excellence in original online video programming and those who create it.

Created in 2008 by Drew Baldwin and Joshua Cohen, along with leaders from the digital entertainment industry, the Streamy Awards is devoted to honoring excellence in original online video programming and those who create it.

Produced by Tubefilter and dick clark productions, the annual event brings together the leading creative talent from the online entertainment industry.

Visit and follow @streamys on Twitter.

The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards presented by Coca-Cola will be streamed live to audiences worldwide from the historic Hollywood Palladium on Sunday, February 17, 2013, right in the heart of Hollywood’s awards season.

The fan-attended live event and is produced by Tubefilter and dick clark productions, the world-renowned producers behind The Golden GlobesThe American Music Awards, and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Join us for a spectacular evening as the biggest names in new media and traditional entertainment come together to celebrate the best of online video.

Official Nominees for the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards were announced with a star-studded video featuring:


Introducing your host for the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards… The The Nerdist, Chris Hardwick!

9 Reason why we love him:

Get your tickets to the show:


Congratulations to our nominees for Best Host

Kassem G, California On
Luke Reichle, Luke Reichle’s Style Secrets of the Red Carpet
Larry King, Larry King Now
Toby Turner, Tobuscus
Mark Malkoff, Celebrity Sleepovers

Who will take home the Streamy? You can be there and find out live!

Get your tickets at:


Jan 19 2013
15% Off Compatible Ink
Jan 19 2013
Super Bowl 2013 XLVII Pepsi Beyonce Halftime Show Live Streaming

Super Bowl XLVII 2013?

Halftime Show Details

Who Sings the National Anthem:

The Biggest Football Game Of The Year

Watch Online.

Super Bowl XLVII is quickly approaching, as only four teams remain in the hunt for the 2013 championship.
Not only is the Super Bowl the most important football game of each year, but it’s also the highest-rated television show of the year.
Last year’s Super Bowl was the highest-rated television show of 2012, drawing approx 111.3 million viewers.

Sunday, Jan 20, 2013, the AFC final playoff featured the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens, 6:30pm EST.

Sunday, Jan 20, 2013, the NFC final playoff featured the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers, 3pm EST.

A Super Bowl feature the Patriots and 49ers would be a great matchup.

Alicia Keys will sing the national anthem.

Beyoncé will perform at the XLVII Super Bowl Halftime Show live from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana in what it sure will be an over the top number sponsored by Pepsi featuring dozens of fans who will join on stage.

Beyonce is also on the cover of the February 2013 issue of GQ.  See the image of the cover below.


For the second time in history, there will be a free live stream available online for the Super Bowl. Viewers will be able to watch the contest at and

When: Feb.3, 2013

Time: 6:30 p.m. ET

Where: Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jan 18 2013
Avon Pasadena Distribution Center Closing

NBC LA is reporting that the Avon distribution center in Pasadena, CA is closing, taking with it about 170 jobs.
The facility over 350,000 sq ft in size is one of the largest in the city. Another distribution center in Atlanta, GA is also closing as Avon restructures. Included as part of the announcement are plans to exit some Asian market.

Avon is not the brand that it used to be. We hope to see Avon reinvent itself and come back as a force in the cosmetics industry.

View Larger Map

2940 East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91121
(626) 578-8000

Jan 18 2013
12 lb Australia Gold Nugget worth Over $300k, possibly More than $500k

12-Pound Gold Nugget Found In Ballarat, Australia.

Could Be Worth More Than $500,000

The gold prospector used a Minelab GPX-5000, a state-of-the-art metal detector that goes for about $5,000.

Jan 17 2013
Jamba Juice BOGO Coupon

Buy One Get One


Free Smoothie when you Buy 1!
Jan 17 2013
Jake’s Pasadena $10 for $20 Worth of Burgers, Drinks, and Billiards @groupon

$10 for $20 Worth of Burgers, Drinks, and Billiards

Jake’s of Pasadena is known for its no-frills menu of burgers, fries, and shakes.


Get your deal/groupon/coupon here to Jake’s.

Jake's Pasadena Burgers

Groupon Deal Here

Jake’s of Pasadena

38 West Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105

(626) 568-1602
(626) 568-9939 fax

Hours of Operation:
Cafe: Daily from 11:30am-12:00am
Billiards: Mon-Fri 4:30pm-2:00am
Sat & Sun 12:00pm-2:00am

Jan 17 2013 for daily deals is the place to come for daily deals in electronics, magazines, t-shirts, games, toys, jewelry and more. Each morning at 7 am (Pacific), they post new daily deals that are available for 24 hours. Every afternoon at 4 pm (Pacific), they share new “flash sales events” – basically theme sales that have multiple deals that last 48 hours.

Top Best Sellers at

Jan 17 2013
Save on Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

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Toner Cartridge Compatible with Samsung MLT-D104S Black Toner The cartridges are compatible with the following printer models: ML Series: ML-1665, ML-1865W
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Samsung MLT-D104S Black Toner

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