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Apr 23 2012
FBI Computer Warning – DNS Changer Hack

Hundreds of thousands of computers could be affected by a computer virus, under the category of DNS Changer.

We are learning more about this hacker tool, where computers have been infected and basically when you try to go to a certain site, it is blocked or you are re-directed to another site or perhaps no sites at all, if the DNS servers are not available you may not be able to get online.

So watch out for suspect sites that your computer loads.

Here’s more info from the FBI.

The page allows you to enter your DNS and have the page check it for validity.

You can also test to see if you are affected by visiting the following DNSChanger Check-Up sites below. If this Check-Up site indicates that you are affected by DNSChanger, then visit for information on how to address this problem.

But the tool at DCWG is not available… perhaps it is getting hit pretty hard.

This page appears to be working:

DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG)


Apr 22 2012
Save the Date for the 19th Annual Oxnard Salsa Festival!

19th Annual Oxnard Salsa Festival

SAVE THE DATE! JULY 28-29, 2012

Presented by the Oxnard Downtowners


Mark your calendar for Southern California’s HOTTEST Summer Festival,
and invite your family & friends to come celebrate all things salsa – the Food, Music, and Dance!


Plus you won’t want to miss the Friday Night Kick-Off Concert on July 27 featuring the Leslie Paula Band! Tickets on sale soon!


Bands Announced!
Get Ready to Dance All Weekend Long!


An exciting blend of Salsa, Latin, and Cuban

rhythms will fill downtown Oxnard with sizzling sounds during the 19th Annual Oxnard Salsa Festival weekend at Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard.



Here’s the band line-up:


SATURDAY – July 28, 2012 – 11am-7pm

11:00 to 1:00   Orquesta Charangoa

2:00 to 4:00     Johnny Polanco y Su Conjento Amistad

4:45 to 6:45     Angel Lebron y Su Sabor Latino


SUNDAY – July 29, 2012 – 11am-7pm

11:00 to 1:00   Fito Reinoso y su Ritmo y Armonia

2:00 to 4:00     Janeen Puente Orchestra

4:45 to 6:45     Orquesta Tabaco y Ron

Interested in Becoming A Festival Vendor?

Apply by May 11, 2012

If your business is selling salsa, colorful merchandise, or unique artisan products, the Festival offers a terrific opportunity to reach 50,000 customers. Click here to visit the Festival’s Vendor Center.

Become a Festival Sponsor

It’s a great way to enhance your company image, spice up your marketing program, and support this popular FREE community celebration.

If are an individual or small business who loves the Festival and what it means for the Oxnard community, consider becoming a Friend of the Festival. For more information, email

Apr 22 2012
Loans for College Students

There are several different types of college loans there are the types the parents has started for a child when he was very young. They hope to be able to support their children through college without any or very little assistance from somewhere else.
Another type of college loan is the type that the student takes out when he is ready to either be enrolled or is enrolled in college. The student has to choose between three different ways to pay the loan back and they are pay less now, pay more now, or pay later. The pay less now and the pay more loans depend on when you pay the interest and how much the student pays when they are going through college. The pay later is what the title says and that is the student pays as much as he can when going through college with the major part coming later after he graduates.

The third and final type of college loans that I am going to write about is for doctor and dentist. The students that go through college to be a doctor or dentist gets scholarships and federal loans. This type of college loan is for when the student has used up both of those and then they turn to for help with their residency and relocation help.

A college loan can be helpful to the student that is working their tail off keeping the grades up and trying to learn everything the professionals are teaching them. College can be a pleasant experience with learning an experience that soon wouldn’t be forgotten or a stressful time that no one wants to be around the student. Let Sallie Mae help with some of the problems from college.

The Smart Option Student Loan at offers you three ways to repay your student loan and the choices are as follows pay more now, pay less now, and pay later.

The “pay more now” options is an interest repayment options and what that means is while you go to school pay the interest and when you get out of school, you will have a shorter repayment period. This option will save you either twenty percent or five thousand dollars on the total cost of your student loan.
The “pay less now” options is an fixed repayment and what that means is that you will pay twenty five dollars as you go to school and when you get out of school, you will have a shorter repayment period. This option will save you either ten percent or two thousand dollars on the total cost of your student loan.

The “pay later” options is a deferred repayment and what that means is that you will either have no payments or pay as much as you want to while in school and when you get out of school, then you must start paying the student loan back plus interest.
A person filling out the loan application can apply for one hundred percent of the cost of their schooling with a minimum of one thousand dollars. Get 0.25 percent point loan rates reduction while enrolled to make scheduled monthly payments by automatic debit. You can apply to release your cosigner after you graduate from school and make twelve consecutive on-time principal and interest payments.

Apr 22 2012
Los Angeles Moving Company

There is a moving company that is located in Los Angeles, California that thinks they are the best moving company in Los Angeles and maybe they have a right to think that way. The staff is reliable, honest, and friendly. The people that come to move your stuff handle your belongs as if they were they own belongs.
They offer to give you a free quote on how long they think the move will take and how much they charge you to do the move. There will be no hidden cost for the staff and you to discuss at a later date because what you agree upon is the cost that they will charge you.

The Los Angeles Moving Company is worth checking them out to see what you think of them for yourself. Talk to the staff and ask for the free quote on how much to move your belongs to the new place.
On their webpage, right beside Acamin is their motto and their motto is “Top Los Angeles California Moving Company” and they are out to prove it to everyone that they are indeed the best at what they do. Check them out and when you decided that they are indeed the best, pass it around to all your new friends that when they move and if they do, they should try LA movers.
Moving can be scary and something that is scary for people of all ages. Because you don’t know what the people are going to be like and if the business around your new location will be any good. Make the move a little easier and check out the Los Angeles Moving Company that claims to be the top of their field.


Apr 22 2012
Breaking News – Iran Cracks Drone Code?

All the drones flying in the skies of the middle east, well they could be vulnerable now that Iran is claiming they have cracked/hacked the software that controls and runs the drones.

Could this mean that drones flying over Iran could be hijacked and made to fly over and crash back into unintended targets? Imagine hundreds of drones hijacked by the Iranian government and they are sent to crash. This could be the worse case nightmare.

Russia and China have both expressed interest in the downed drone and perhaps they are part of the reverse engineering that has taken place to enable what Iran claims is copy the drone.

Apr 22 2012
Keep America Buy America Made Products@KeepAmerica

David Seliktar

200 vendors = 2000 products from all over the country

Apr 21 2012
The Rise Of The Payday Lender

Loans (Photo credit: jferzoco)

Guaranteed Payday Loans have revolutionised the financial lending industry.  So much so that the number of credit cards in circulation and the total credit card borrowing fell in 2011 according to a report by Price Waterhouse Coops (PWC).  The driving force behind this is the repercussions of the global recession making banks and building societies far more cautious about what they lend and to whom.

The banking industry has never been under such scrutiny.  They have been widely blamed for the global recession which continues to face us on a daily basis, because of their generous and unrealistic lending for mortgages that were beyond the borrowers means.  This has led to the industry being placed under the spotlight, practises being questioned and consequently banks are now terrified to lend money for fear of being criticised.  The implications of this are that customers find it harder to borrow money be it for mortgages, bank loans or credit cards.

Guaranteed payday loans are a product of these circumstances as companies have been rushing to fill the gap in the market for short term lending that the banks have left.  Payday lenders work on the premise of lending a small amount of money for a small amount of time.  They charge a high rate of APR because the loan is short term i.e. 1737% APR equals £25 for every £100 borrowed.  They are quick and easy to apply for over the internet and there are generally no questions asked i.e. no credit checks therefore extremely accessible to consumers.

The rise of the payday lender is due to these factors as people who find it hard to borrow elsewhere turn to these types of lenders instead.  They are now becoming a more mainstream way to borrow money.  The biggest market sector is younger consumers who turn to payday loans firstly because they understand technology therefore use the internet other digital devices to make applications to the loan companies.  Secondly, the younger generations are finding it increasingly hard to find jobs and also to find jobs that pay a reasonable amount of money.  Most payday loan applicants earn under £25,000 and therefore need to borrow money to make ends meet.

The rise of the payday lenders is attributed to the fragile economy, lack of lending from the banks and the demand for short term borrowing especially from young people or people who are struggling financially.  Guaranteed payday loans are easy to apply for, the deposit is quick to appear in bank accounts and there is little bureaucracy associated with the process, making it an appealing option for people facing financial difficulties.

Apr 21 2012
OrigAudio RockIt Audio

OrigAudio on Shark Talk

Turns anything into audio

Michael Szymczak and Jason Lucash

Nobody likes to travel with bulky speakers

To take take your audio

The Rocket

The Rock IT

anything can be turned into a speaker

Vibration technology,

Turns a trash can into a speakers,

Upside down fishing boat

Folding speakers

recycled speakers

eco friendly


1, yr 750k in sales

RockIT – $49.99

Shipped from Mike’s garage

over 500 stores around the country

lots of business online

Net profit $150k, but they didn’t pay

exclusive license in China, 5 years, license would have to be renewed

How is it worth a million years

Strong relationship


Apr 21 2012
Mimis Cafe – FREE Lunch or Dinner Entree April 21-27, 2012 – Coupon Cafe – FREE Lunch or Dinner Entree April 21-27, 2012 – Coupon

Apr 21 2012
WordPress 3.3.2 Update

WordPress 3.3.2 Update

Languages: English • Русский • (Add your language)

On April 20, 2012, WordPress 3.3.2 was released to the public. This is a maintenance and security update.

For version 3.3.2, the database version (db_version in wp_options) remained at 19470.

Installation/Update Information
To download WordPress 3.3.2, update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area or visit

For step-by-step instructions on installing and updating WordPress:

Updating WordPress
If you are new to WordPress, we recommend that you begin with the following:

New To WordPress – Where to Start
First Steps With WordPress or Upgrading WordPress Extended
WordPress Lessons
Three external libraries included in WordPress received security updates:

Plupload (version 1.5.4), which WordPress uses for uploading media.
SWFUpload, which WordPress previously used for uploading media, and may still be in use by plugins.
SWFObject, which WordPress previously used to embed Flash content, and may still be in use by plugins and themes.
WordPress 3.3.2 also addresses:

Limited privilege escalation where a site administrator could deactivate network-wide plugins when running a WordPress network under particular circumstances.
Cross-site scripting vulnerability when making URLs clickable.
Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in redirects after posting comments in older browsers, and when filtering URLs.
A full log of the changes made for 3.3.2 can be found at


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