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Dec 29 2009
Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS is the leader in the emerging US child location GPS technology industry. Rated a 4 out of 5 as the Editor’s Choice by in their new “The Ultimate GPS Child Tracking Buyer’s Guide” and recently reviewed in’s article “A Good Find: GPS to locate the kids”, Amber Alert GPS has created a product that gives parents peace of mind using the latest in GPS and cellular technology.

Here is how it works (and no other competitor has anything close to the simplicity and sophistication of our technology):
A parent’s phone call or text to a GPS unit, located on their child, will return a text within seconds to their cell phone containing the actual address and latitude and longitude coordinates of their child’s whereabouts, along with a map pinpointing the location of their child.

But that is not all! This innovative technology also provides:

  • Maps on your Mobile Phone AND computer – When you call your GPS unit to request a location, you will receive a map URL along with the exact address right back on your mobile phone. (Note: you must have a Smart phone or an Internet data plan on your mobile phone to view the URL.)
  • Safe Zone – Define an area in your neighborhood, school district or any where you choose and receive an alert when your GPS is carried outside that location.
  • Web Tracking – you can go right on your desktop or laptop computer anytime to see the whereabouts of your child at any given moment!
  • SOS Button – Teach your child to press the GPS SOS button when they need help or when they are in danger and you will immediately receive an alert with their location.
  • Speed Alert – Receive a notification when your GPS surpasses a specific speed that YOU have set and know immediately when your child is in a car. Great for speeding teenagers!
  • Bread-Crumbing – You can have the Amber Alert GPS unit send you messages on a regular time schedule, set by you, to tell you the exact whereabouts of your child from moment to moment. This will save you time of having to call the GPS unit every time you want an update (only available with “Unlimited Plan”).
  • Temperature Alert – This is a completely new feature that will allow you to be notified when your child and their new GPS unit are in an environment that is too hot or too cold…i.e. in a hot car in the summertime.
  • Page Command – If you misplace or lose your unit or if you can’t find your child while you are in the same store or building, simply use the page command and a unit will emit a loud noise which will help you locate your unit.
  • Destination Alert – Want to know when you child has reached a destination, like school or a friend’s house, this alert will let you know.
  • Low Battery Alert – Nobody wants to run out of battery power when they are tracking their child. So, now we have an alert to let you know if the unit is low on power.
  • Voice Monitoring – for an additional fee, the voice monitoring will allow you to listen in to the situation your child finds him or herself in.

Currently, the Amber Alert GPS 2G units come in a very simple design, with popular color schemes. It is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand and it can fit in virtually any pocket, backpack, purse, jacket, etc. Some parents have even created their own accessories to make it “blend in” with their child’s clothing or other accessories. See our website for images of the 2G unit.

The heart of our company, which is run by parents for parents, revolves around the President’s initiative to protect children and give parents peace of mind. However, this device can be used in many other scenarios, such as vehicle tracking, pet tracking, special needs children and seniors, personal security, luggage tracking, etc. Only your imagination limits the uses of this amazing and efficient new technology.

Amber Alert GPS 2G units retail for up to $379 (MSRP) and subscription plans begin at $9.99 per month.


Dec 29 2009
Red Organic Walnuts


Organic Apples Organic Apricots Organic Cherries Organic Nectarines Organic Peaches Organic Plums Organic Pluots Organic Walnuts

Ferrari  Farms,   Inc.

17071 E. Baker Road

Linden, California 95236

Main Office (209) 887-3906 – Contact Wayne, Jeff, or Greg

Sales & Shipping (209) 887-3603 – Contact Jeff

Shipping Address:  5885 N. Archerdale Road  Linden, CA 95236

Fax (209) 887-3820

Contact Us:

Dec 29 2009
Free Your Voice with JAJAH Communications Solutions

Now you can save up to 98% on your bill via JAJAH Communications Solutions

Here are some JAJAH products
JAJAH. Direct
From any phone, you simply dial a unique local JAJAH.Direct number for each of your international contacts.

From the web, you can initiate a call with no headset, no download, no software installation required.

JAJAH .Mobile Web
From your web-enabled mobile you can point your browser to

Here are more details and resources about: Free Your Voice with JAJAH Communications Solutions

Dec 29 2009 beta launches

Launched Beta ( with over 100 National Retailers onboard. Make your own personalized coupons to save money!

  • Name spreezio
  • Location Willow Glen
  • Web https://www.spreez…
  • Bio Spreezio is a free location-based consumer service designed to bring local shoppers, merchants, and sales reps together through on-demand personalized deals.
Dec 29 2009
WordPress 2.9 copy paste link bug?

WordPress 2.9 copy paste link bug?

Anyone else running into this:

1. only happens when using HTML mode.

2. Type some text and then copy a link from somewhere, i.e. copy this link and then highlight the link

3. click the “link” button in the buttons above then try to paste in the link and nothing happens.

4. If you click ok, then you can paste the link into the coded that is added.

Is anyone else running into this?

Dec 29 2009
Rose Parade Rules texting questions

No Sofas

You can start camping

Only claim area until the day before


grandstands you cannot bring backpacks, large bags or coolers

rose parade questions

question 95495 text “ROSES” with questions

starts at 8:30 to 5:30 until parade day.

Follow the rules

Can’t leave your chair unattended,

Dec 29 2009
Wine of the Day: Viansa Sempre Avanti 2005

Wine of the Day: Viansa Sempre Avanti 2005

Sonoma County Red Wine

Alc: 14.9%


Sonoma, CA, 95476

Mon – Sun:
10:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Dec 29 2009
Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Dies

Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Dies at the age of 28.  Cause of death has not been disclosed.

Huntington Beach, CA based band Jimmy – James Owen Sullivan died.

more details to follow

Dec 28 2009
Mrs. May’s – Pumpkin Crunch

Mrs. May’s – Pumpkin Crunch


No Cholesterol

Gluten Free

Dairy Free


Wheat Free

No Preservatives

Product of China


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