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Mar 25 2009
Affiliate Fuel Network Notice

Dear Affiliates:

Experian Interactive Media, who owns Affiliate Fuel, has decided to take a different direction with our affiliate network.  We are changing our focus from an affiliate network to an internal marketing channel.

Therefore, effective  4/1/09, we will unfortunately need to suspend our business relationship with you.  If there are fees owed to you, you will receive your final check on or around 4/15/09.   Please note:  As of 4/1/09, your Affiliate Fuel login will no longer work and your account will not be credited for any activity as of this date.

We would like to say thank you for your business and good luck in your future endeavors.


The Affiliate Fuel Team

[email protected]

Mar 25 2009
Special Offer for LocalHarvest readers: YES! Magazine

Special Offer for LocalHarvest readers: YES! Magazine

We just love to pass on a good thing, and YES! magazine is definitely a good thing. The editors over at YES! have generously offered LocalHarvest newsletter readers an introductory annual subscription rate of just ! (regularly ) And get this – the current issue, Food for Everyone, is devoted to great ideas for a new food system, and inspiring stories of people revolutionizing food production. Here’s an overview from their website. YES! calls itself an “ad-free, quarterly, national magazine that provides positive solutions for creating a more just and sustainable world.” We call it food for the journey. We highly recommend you take them up on this great offer. Here’s how.
Mar 25 2009 Nonprofit Career Fair in Los Angeles, CA

Hello Victor,

I am writing to remind you about the Nonprofit Career Fair in Los Angeles, CA.

The Los Angeles Career Fair will be held on Monday, April 6, 2009 from 10:30am-2:30pm

at the UCLA Ackerman Union Grand Ballroom.

To register (it’s free for jobseekers), and for more details including schedule, directions,

and a list of the fifty plus registered organizations and their current opportunities, please

go to:

Please note that not all organizations at the fair will have job openings on that day. Some

will have jobs, while others will have internships and volunteer opportunities.  Our

nonprofit career fair is a place for everyone who wants to make a difference in the world

(including recent undergraduate or grad school students, experienced nonprofit

professionals, and those wishing to transition to a nonprofit career from other sectors) and

we encourage you to consider the wide range of opportunities to move forward in your

nonprofit career.

Don’t forget to check out the Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job

Seekers and The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for Sector Switchers which are both

available to download for free at:

This event is generously hosted by the UCLA Labor Center, the UCLA School of Public

Affairs, the UCLA Community Programs Office, the Raza Youth Empowerment Project, the

Center for Civil Society and the UCLA Career Center.

We hope to see you at the fair!

All the best,

Joe Grant

1220 SW Morrison Street, Suite 1000

Portland, OR  97205

Coordinator, Nonprofit HR Program – Action Without Borders

Los Angeles
Registered Organizations

So far, the following organizations have registered for the career fair, and more are registering every day:

Mar 25 2009
Angling for Control in the Sea of Social Networks

Angling for Control in the Sea of Social Networks:
The Future of Venturing in the Community Internet

Saturday, April 18, 2009

at the California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California

Like remoras around whales such as MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn, hundreds of thousands of smaller social networks flourish or struggle, based on diverse affinities of politics, hobbies, tastes, professions, and, of course, shared dislikes!

“Socnet” proliferation amplifies issues that increasingly worry users—“What access do friends of friends have? Is my content still mine? What about advertisers?” Along the way they become weary of repeated data entry, leery of ever-proliferating and incomprehensible “Terms of Service,” and angry when a site overreaches.

Meanwhile, smaller socnet sites want to exploit the behemoths’ reach while hoping for standards, the big guys seek to define the standard, and most all want maximal use if not control of user data.

Combining these concerns with blogs, Twitter, social shopping, and wikis yields today’s rich but uncertain techno-brew. Against this background of interaction and tension, today’s keynote, entrepreneurs and panelists will explore where we are going, including issues such as whether OpenSocial, data portability and other initiatives will succeed, how individual socnet sites survive and flourish, and the nature of infrastructural and other opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Keynote

Gordon Gould
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Formerly CEO of Blogsmith (acquired by AOL), President of Silicon Alley Reporter/Rising Tide Studios (acquired by Dow Jones), and Founder & CEO of UPOC (acquired by Dada Mobile).

User Community Keynote

Doc Searls
Senior Editor, Linux Journal
Chair of ProjectVRM and Berkman Fellow at Harvard University
Recipient of Google/O’Reilly Open Source Award for Best Communicator
Co-Author, “Cluetrain Manifesto”.


Melissa Leonard
Serial Entrepreneur

Andrew Shaindlin
Caltech Alumni Association

Mark Suster
GRP Partners

Moderator and Producer

Michael Krieger
Willenken Wilson Loh & Lieb LLP

Event Sponsor

K&L Gates LLP


Saturday morning, April 18, 2009

Registration and Continental Breakfast:
8:00 a.m. Baxter Lecture Hall
9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Baxter Lecture Hall
11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Baxter Lecture Hall


Baxter Lecture Hall
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA

Directions/Maps: Directions to the Forum; Caltech’s Interactive Map


on-line registration fee. at-the-door. for students with full-time student ID (must show at door); free to Caltech students.

Registrations are taken on-line up to 5:00 p.m., Thursday April 16, 2009. There are no refunds for no-shows.

Mar 25 2009
Win Trip to Australia

KTLA is running a sweepstakes where you can win a trip for two to Melbourne Australia. The trip includes 6 nights a hotel in Melbourne and flight on Qantas.

The sweepstakes ends today March 25, 2009 at noon PST.

Enter here:

Enter below, then watch the KTLA Morning News to see if you qualify.

If you’d like to win this fabulous one week walkabout prize package to Melbourne, Australia, fill out the entry form below! Watch the KTLA Morning News this week to find out if you’ve been selected as a semi-finalist. The trip includes round-trip airfare, 6 night hotel accommodations and transportation.

Please be available between Noon and 6pm at one of the phone numbers you enter below. You must also be able to appear on the KTLA Morning News on Friday, March 27. You must be 21 years old to enter.

Good Luck!

Click here to read the official rules.

Enter here:

Mar 25 2009
KTLA Directv signal drops

I’ve been having this problem with DirecTV since I had the service installed.
On the HD channel I will experience periodic drops to black and pixelation from time to time.
I’ve heard that it has something to do with the way DirecTV converts the signal to broadcast out over their network.
After many calls to DirecTV I still have not received answer and since the problem is sporadic.

Is anyone else having this problem in the LA Area or elsewhere.

Mar 25 2009
Funnel Mill Coffee Syphon Brewing

Just learned about Syphon Brewing from Funnel Mill in Santa Monica.


Sent from Nick’s iPhone

Mission Statement

Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea is dedicated to providing the highest quality coffees and teas. We take a great deal of pride in our craft and aim to create a warm and friendly environment.

We specialize in rare blends of coffee beans and tea, and we emphasize serving them in the optimal manner while educating our guests. We brew our coffees one cup at a time using Syphons, and practice traditional Chinese Cha Tao when serving our teas.

Funnel Mill of Santa Monica
930 Broadway, Ste A
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 597 – 4395
Operation Hours

Mondays to Friday – 9am to 9pm
Saturday – 10am to 7pm
Sunday – Closed

930 Broadway, Ste A
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 597 – 4395

This is from the Funnel Mill site:

Syphon Brewing

The first thing most people notice about Funnel Mill is the unique method we use to brew our coffees. We use a double glass chamber vacuum pot, which is also known as a Syphon, Cona, Vaculator, or Turkish Coffee Pot. We have perfected the art of Syphon coffee making, and our fans attest that our process yields a smoother, richer, and less bitter cup of joe.
Here’s why:

Syphons make great coffee because they optimize temperature, extraction, and contact time. The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. We have found that our Syphons consistently fall into this range, releasing the full spectrum of aroma and flavor in the coffee.

The perfectly heated water makes direct contact with the coffee grounds before it is suctioned away by a vacuum force. The rapid evacuation from the upper chamber extracts the right amount of coffee solids and oils, resulting in more body and flavor. By comparison, a typical drip coffee maker simply pours water over grounds, a process that leaves behind much of the flavor.

Some brewing methods, like the French press, can overextract coffee, infusing it with a bitter taste and an oily mouthfeel. Funnel Mill brews its coffees for only 40 – 60 seconds, depending on the type of coffee. We use finely ground coffee in our Syphons, which require a very short extraction time. This means we can get a very full flavor without the sacrificing a clean feel and aftertaste.

Funnel Mill takes the art of Syphon brewing to the next level, taking an academic approach to coffee brewing. We have invented many techniques to elicit the best flavors of our beans and to suit the individual preferences of our patrons.
Make it at home

Our customers agree that Syphon brewing is one of the most stylish, inspiring, and exclusive ways to make great coffee. It is no surprise then that many like to brew our beans at home. For these fans, we offer a few Syphon models for sale.

Hario TCA 3 Syphon

18oz max capacity – 3 cups

Hario is the original glass Syphon, and is still the best glass Syphon that money can buy. The high-temperature tempered glass ensures longevity, and its capacity makes it convenient for most uses. Great for your apartment.
Yama TCA 3

18oz max capacity – 3 cups

This tabletop Coffee Syphon come with three espresso-size cups. It is perfect for after-dinner coffee drinks brewed right at your table!
Yama TCA 5

30oz max capacity – 5 cups

Larger version of the TCA 3.
Yama CNT 5

30oz max capacity – 5 cups

This special-edition Yama syphon is made of decorative and lightweight ceramic. This model also comes complete with a built-in burner, so it is ready to use right out of the box.
Yama Butane Burner
Yama 12oz French Press
Bellina Uno

30oz max capacity – 5 cups

Stylish, modern design with an integrated table service stand.
Tiamo TCA 3 Syphon

18oz max capacity – 3 cups
Tiamo SCA 5 Syphon

30oz max capacity – 5 cups

Mar 25 2009
Jim Henson Company Real-Time Cartoon

From animatronic to

sculps go from puppets to animated characters on screen.
Camera operators
control room with director
animated shows with different feel, puppetery

sid the science kid.

First Ever real-time cartoon.

Mar 25 2009
Rogue Valley Soap Company

Rogue Valley Soap Company
Rogue Valley Soap Company
Natural organic handmade soap at wholesales prices are made by Rogue Valley Soap and Candles in Grants Pass, Oregon. Handmade soy tealights, tealight
Natural Handmade Soap, Rogue Valley Soap and Candles Grants Pass Siskiyou Artisans Hand crafted soap and candles can also be purchased at Siskiyou Artisan located in the Rogue Valley Mall in Medford, Oregon.

Natural Organic Handmade Soap
Soy Tealights – Soy Votives – Hurricane Candles

Natural organic handmade soap at wholesale is made by Rogue Valley Soap and Candles. The organic hand made soaps are scented with pure essential oils.

Rogue Valley Soap Company is a small family-owned business located in beautiful Southern Oregon. We are dedicated to making the finest natural handmade soap at wholesale prices. Also available are premium handmade soy tealight candles, soy votive candles, and hurricane candles. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our hand made soap and in our soy tealights and soy votives. Our handmade soap is made in small batches using the”cold process” method, thereby retaining the natural glycerin that is produced during the saponification process. Glycerin naturally soothes and softens the skin. Many commercial soap manufacturers remove glycerin from their soap, thus leaving your skin dry and itchy after using their soap.

The base of our natural handmade soaps is olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil. We don’t use tallow or animal fat in any of our handcrafted soaps. The natural handcrafted soap is scented with pure essential oils that are distilled from natural herbs, plants, and flowers.

Because our soaps are handcrafted, they are very unique in size, shape and characteristics. Each bar of soap is hand cut and weighs approximately 3.5 to 4 ounces. Handmade soap lasts longer than the commercial soaps found in retail stores. The aroma therapy and therapeutic values of the natural, pure essential oils used to scent our soaps are listed in The Essential Oils Guide.

Most of the natural herbs used in our soaps are organically grown (pesticide free) in our herb gardens in Grants Pass, Oregon. The handmade soap is air-dried and aged for a minimum of four weeks to produce a mild, gentle, long-lasting bar of soap that is naturally high in glycerin. Our soap will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and re-hydrated.

Handmade hurricane candles are made from a high temperature wax to prevent the shell from melting. Real flowers (grown in my garden in Grants Pass, Oregon) are encased in the candle wax. Hurricane candles are hollow inside. Illuminate the hurricane candle by placing a tealight candle or a votive candle inside the candle.

Soy tealight candles and soy votive candles are hand-poured in small batches. These highly fragrant soy tealights and soy votives will scent and entire room. Soy tealights will burn 6 to 8 hours and soy votives will burn 18 to 20 hours or longer. Soy wax will liquify when burning, so a snug-fitting container is necessary when burning the votive candle. Soy wax is water soluble and easily cleans up with soap and water.

The natural hand made soaps, hurricane candles, soy tealights and soy votive candles can be purchased locally at Savannah Faire in Grants Pass, Oregon, and at Siskiyou Artisans located in the Rogue Valley Mall in Medford, Oregon. You can also find me on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Growers Market in Grants Pass, Oregon. I also sell at various craft faires and festivals in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Handmade soap makes great wedding favors. Soap labels can be personalized with the bride and groom’s name and date of wedding.

Rogue Valley Soap
PO Box 772
Grants Pass, Oregon 97528

Mar 25 2009
Pershing Square Los Angeles Bomb Threat

at 4:15am on March 25, 2009 a bomb threat came in to LAPD.
The bomb threat was for the Pershing Square at the Red Line MTA station.
The red line is moving, but the Pershing Square Station is closed as of 5:30am.

Squad cars are rolling at 5:39am.

More details to follow.

Mar 25 2009
99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs for

99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs

99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs
by 99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs
Price: .99
Album Savings: .03 compared to buying all songs

Song Title Artist Time Price
Listen 1. Reflections in Water – Reflets dans l’eau [Mirages – op. 113 n° 2] Mikrokosmos 4:25 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 2. The Call to the Lama From Afar The Soul of Tibetan Chant 7:40 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 3. Górecki : Totus tuus Op.60 Edward Higginbottom 9:10 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 4. Salve Regina [simple tone] Moines de Santo Domingo de Silos 2:04 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 5. Paradisi Portae/Eructavit Moines de Santo Domingo de Silos 3:03 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 6. Laetetur Cor [Choir of the Abbey of Saint Wandrille] Du silence à la lumière 2:20 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 7. Angelis Suis Moniales de Saint-Michel de Kergonan 4:04 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 8. Duo Seraphim Moniales de Saint-Michel de Kergonan 3:26 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 9. Unreleased for piano and martenot wave – inedit pour piano et ondes martenot Olivier Messiaen 2:47 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 10. Polyeleos Divna 4:37 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 11. Defte Lai Divna 1:28 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 12. Charles Gounod – Ave Maria Bernard Soustrot and Jean Dekyndt 2:42 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 13. J. S. Bach – Aria of the 3rd Suite BWV 1068 Bernard Soustrot and Jean Dekyndt 4:57 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 14. Johann Ludwig Krebs – Fantasy in F minor [for oboe and organ] Daniel Matrone & Jérôme Simonpoli 4:37 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 15. Aria in classical style [Marcel Grandjany] Jon Gillock & Kathleen Bride 5:07 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 16. Rhapsody for Harp [Marcel Grandjany] Jon Gillock & Kathleen Bride 8:16 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 17. Easter Processional – Procession Pascale Nana Peradze & Harmony Choir 4:13 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 18. Cherubic Hymn – Hymne des Chérubins Nana Peradze & Harmony Choir 7:05 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 19. Adest dies [responsorial] Ensemble Discantus 3:25 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 20. O florens rosa Choir of the Carthusian Monastery of the Scala Dei 1:30 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 21. O Tu Illustrata Catherine Braslavsky 3:57 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 22. A. Vivaldi – Concerto in sol maggiore per 2 mandolini RV532 – Andante Artemandoline Baroque Ensemble 2:53 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 23. Arvo Pärt [born 1935]: O Adonai Mikrokosmos 2:54 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 24. Hermosa Zagala Capilla Virreineal de Lima 8:05 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 25. Tibi dixit – Introit 3rd mode Moniales de Sainte-Marie de Maumont 1:46 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 26. Adjuvabit eam – Gradual 5th mode Moniales de Sainte-Marie de Maumont 4:53 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 27. A Token of Faith – En signe de foi Choeur Arménien de Sofia 3:42 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 28. A Good Word Before our Lord – Intercession auprès du Seigneur Choeur Arménien de Sofia 4:58 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 29. Cherubic Hymn – Hymne des Cherubins Choeur Arménien de Sofia 4:50 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 30. A. Grechaninov: Blagosloven esi, Gospodi: Troparia of Resurrection / Blessed be the Lord Carmina Byzantina 7:25 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 31. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina – Tu Nobis Dona Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey 2:17 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 32. Responsory – Verbum Caro Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey 5:28 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 33. There Is No Rose Escolania De Montserrat 2:24 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 34. All Together, the Angels in the Sky – Tous ensemble les Anges dans le Ciel Choeur Byzantin de Grèce 1:55 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 35. Cherubic Hymn [Kovalesky] – Hymne des Chérubins Divna & the Melodi Choir – Divna et le Choeur Melodi 3:16 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 36. A. Vivaldi – Concerto in do maggiore per 2 mandolini RV425 – Largo Artemandoline Baroque Ensemble 2:30 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 37. Hanac Pachap: Himno processional en Quechua Coro de Camara Exaudi de La Habana 4:22 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 38. Stella Splendens Catherine Braslavsky 2:45 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 39. From Where Do You Come? Catherine Braslavsky 2:46 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 40. Abwoun Catherine Braslavsky 3:10 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 41. I. Easter Dawn – Confitemini: Alleluia, 8th Mode Benedictine Nuns of Sainte Marie de Maumont 1:24 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 42. IV. The Promised Land – Portas caeli: Offertory, 8th Mode Benedictine Nuns of Sainte Marie de Maumont 1:42 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 43. Michel Corrette – Concerto no. 6 in re minor – Andante Bernard Soustrot and Jean Dekyndt 1:55 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 44. Jean-Sébastien Bach – Concerto no. 2 BWV 973 – Largo Bernard Soustrot and Jean Dekyndt 2:55 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 45. Bakhmetiev: Every Breath [Vsyakoe dihanie] Mixed Bulgarian Choir with Miroslav Popsavov 1:31 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 46. Pastorela para los violones Solistas Instrumentales de la Habana 3:16 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 47. Surrexit Pastor Bonus [Felix Mendelssohn] Escolania De Montserrat 3:27 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 48. Debussy: Images, Series II: Bells Between the Leaves Markus Bellheim 4:06 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 49. Debussy: Images, Series II: And the moon descends on the temple Markus Bellheim 5:35 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 50. Concerto for Harp in Si minor – allegro moderato [Haendel] Jon Gillock & Kathleen Bride 3:01 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 51. Ave Maria The Children’s Choir of St. Marc – Les petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc 4:16 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 52. Arenio no.7 Choir of St. Paul of Mahina – Chorale St Paul de Mahina 2:52 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 53. Pane ora no.2 Choir of St. Paul of Mahina – Chorale St Paul de Mahina 3:27 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 54. Joyful Light – Joyeuse lumière – air de Valaam Moniales de Sainte-Elisabeth de Minsk 1:59 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 55. Since My Youth – Dès ma jeunesse – chant byzantin Moniales de Sainte-Elisabeth de Minsk 2:07 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 56. Mantra of Mahakala Lama Karta 6:42 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 57. Schubert – Sérénade Guy Morançon and Guy Deplus 3:32 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 58. Faure: After a Dream – Après un rêve Guy Morançon and Guy Deplus 3:07 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 59. Alleluia – Alléluia Harmonie Géorgienne 1:53 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 60. Giovanni Croce: Voce mea Les Rossignols de Poznan 1:57 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 61. Sebastian z Felsztyna: Alleluia, Ave Maria Les Rossignols de Poznan 3:59 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 62. Répons : Duo Séraphim Gregorian Choir of Paris – Choeur Gregorien de Paris 3:21 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 63. Tiento de 6th tono: Estacia de La Serna Music of the Cathedral of Lima – Cantoria de la Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Socorro 3:41 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 64. V. Ilic: Kontakion: Today the Virgin gives birth The Radio Television Belgrade Choir 3:20 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 65. JS Bach – Sinfonia in do minor, cantate BWV 21 Daniel Matrone & Jérôme Simonpoli 3:14 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 66. Salve Regina Choeur Exaudi de Cuba 4:49 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 67. Chimerical Horizon – Diane, Séléné [L’horizon chimérique – op. 118 n° 3] Mikrokosmos 1:52 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 68. The Sea is Infinite – La mer est infinie [L’horizon chimérique – op. 118 n° 3] Mikrokosmos 1:53 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 69. Nani, Nani Ensemble Amadis 3:10 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 70. Ondas do mar Ensemble Amadis 0:48 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 71. Miserere The Children’s Choir of St. Francis of Versailles – Les Peties Chanteurs de Saint-François de Versailles 11:03 Album Only
Listen 72. Dance: La Spagna [Francisco de la Torre, 15th Century] Ensemble Música Ficta 4:30 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 73. Villancicos from the “Cancionero de la Colombina” [15th Century Spain]: Dinos, madre del donsel [Juan de Triana, fl 1478 – 1483] Ensemble Música Ficta 4:19 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 74. Benedictus Jean Paul Poletti and the men choir of Sartene 1:52 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 75. Now, the Power of the Skies – Maintenant les Puissances des cieux – air de Valaam Moniales de Sainte-Elisabeth de Minsk 4:24 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 76. Letanía [tradicional] Choeur Harmonies 1:37 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 77. Por el Valle de Rosas Choeur Harmonies 1:51 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 78. When the Bodiless – Kondakion L’ordre mysterieux Lycourgos Angelopoulos & the Byzantine Choir of Greece – Choeur Byzantin de Grece 7:05 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 79. O Champion General – Kondakion Que retentissent Lycourgos Angelopoulos & the Byzantine Choir of Greece – Choeur Byzantin de Grece 6:24 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 80. Hildegard von Bingen – O pulchre facies Ensembles Discantus & Alla Francesca 2:39 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 81. Broiou ar mor: People of the Sea – Peuples de la mer Men’s Choir of Britany – Mouezh Paotred Breizh, Choeur d’hommes de Bretagne 6:03 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 82. Villancico a tres voces [Juan de Araujo] Cantoria de la Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Socorro 2:36 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 83. Offering song Lama Karta 8:28 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 84. Tropaires Divna 3:58 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 85. April Sticheron from the 12th Century No. 1 Orthodox Ensemble 1:36 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 86. April Sticheron from the 12th Century No. 7 Orthodox Ensemble 1:49 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 87. Introitus : In voluntate tua Chant Meditation 4:23 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 88. Responsorium : Timebut gentes Chant Meditation 3:22 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 89. Salve Regina [Domenico Scarlatti] Choeur de Chambre de Sofia 7:03 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 90. Psaume 23 [Franz Schubert] Choeur de Chambre de Sofia 5:50 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 91. Osculetur me William Byrd Ensemble 2:32 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 92. Abodah – A Yom Kippur Melody Isabelle Durin, Michaël Ertzscheid 6:37 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 93. Cierto es Coro Exaudi de la Habana 5:40 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 94. El nacimiento vidala catamarquena Ariel Ramirez 3:32 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 95. Alle psallite cum luya [motet] Ensembles Discantus & Alla Francesca 0:45 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 96. When I See the Grass Gleaming [song, Gace Brule] Ensembles Discantus & Alla Francesca 7:32 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 97. Pastorella: Oh nino soberano Choeur Exaudi de Cuba 6:40 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 98. Prayers. Rorate Cali desuper Mode I Moines de Santo Domingo de Silos 5:01 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Listen 99. Hymnus : Ave maris Stella-Modus I Moines de Santo Domingo de Silos 2:30 {{WP_ROCKET_CONDITIONAL}}.99 Buy Track
Sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc . Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use.

99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs MP3 downloads for . Thanks breitali and Selma.

Be sure to select Buy Entire Album to get all 99 songs for

99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs

Mar 25 2009
Home Remodeling & Decorating Show in Pasadena Apr 3-5

It’ s an all new Show! With all new features!

Interested in bank owned property @ 500 down? Keep reading!
It’s like 3 show’s in one!
33rd Annual

& Eco-Expo&
The Home buyers, House Sellers and Real Estate investors Expo!
Tons of new exhibits
see the latest environmentally friendly products and services
Join us for grand opening celebration of the new 150 million dollar Pasadena Convention Center
Fun, Food & Entertainment. Admission and Parking is free courtesy of the Pasadena Convention Center

April 3rd-5th
All New Pasadena Convention Center

Sponsored by: the New

Mercedes Benz of Encino&
The Pasadena star News, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and the Whittier Daily News
cosponsored by

Pro-HG American made Commercial Grade Non Stick Cookware

With interest rates at an all time low, now is the time to really save money on your home projects …. Really!
We have some of the very best Home Improvement remodeling and decorating/design companies in southern California at this event! Everyone’s making great deals and show specials!

Don’t Miss the latest special feature
The Home buyers, house sellers and real-estate investors Expo!
The Expo will feature numerous facets of home ownership including Mortgage Funding, Loan Modification Advice on Foreclosures Buying and or saving! Real Estate investments. Meet Real Estate experts and radio host’s Bill Sutherland,Barry TiKontin,& Jay McBee of KFWB’s hit radio show “House Calls” (Sat 10am -Noon) will broadcast live from the show.  Attend their seminars at the show and find out how to buy bank owned property at only 0.00 down!!  Get the lowest mortgage rates in 40 years from Valley Mortgage Bankers! Meet several prominent real estate authors like Stephen W. Dexter author of Break the Bank and many other great books This event is produced in conjunction with real estate expert and author of 5 Steps to Sold-How to Sell Your House Quickly in Any Market for Thousands More!  7 Clever Ways to Find A Buyer and Sell Your House. Attract Buyers with FREE Down Payment MoneyChanging The Economy, One House At A TimeDon’t Move: Refinancing Solutions To The Rescue. Getting The Max Out Of Your Appraisal Let Your Energy Company Finance Your Renovations

Thank you for your visit to

This year’s show is better than ever; jam-packed with the latest home improvement products and services: Hundreds of great home improvement companies, with thousands of new ideas to help make your house and garden your dream home! Kitchens, floors, windows, doors, second stories, roofs, landscaping & more!

Everything from roofs to rose gardens! Including some of the latest innovations from Mercedes Benz of Encino

Get free advice from experts on virtually every category of home improvements.

The magic of this event is that you get to meet the experts, the real pros, all under one roof. You get to meet the wizards of home improvements without having to drive all over town, $aving you Gas and time. It’s all here in one place!

See our ECO-EXPO: Many home improvement products and services that are designed with our environment in mind ! Our all new Eco-Expo feature includes hybrid cars, solar power, green building products and more! Plus tips and rebates from Southern California Edison.  See the latest environmentally friendly products for your home and yard.

Plus our Giant BBQ & Spa Spectacular: Thousands of square feet jammed with the latest spas and BBQs and entire state of the art outdoor cooking centers! Also we have patio furniture and tons of outdoor products that will help you turn your backyard into your Dream backyard.  Buy factory direct and save thousands of dollars.  See the Mercedes Benz exhibit and the new models from Mercedes Benz of Encino
HGTV’s producers attend to cast home owners for upcoming shows.
Meet Kearth 101’s Shotgun Tom at the show!

This is So. Cal’s only show endorsed by the League of California Homeowners.

Great seminars & do it yourself workshops and the all new Garden Party by America’s Natural Gardner Nick Federoff.

Come enjoy the grand opening celebration of the Pasadena Convention Center bring your friends
In addition to the Home Show, there will be entertainment and refreshments at the venue all weekend including:    Ballet Folklorico, on Saturday, Danza YANKUITITL (New Fire) Aztec Dancers, Saturday, Pasadena Cowgirls Drill Team, Sunday and Verdugo Young Musicians Association.  Additionally , One City, One Story, An Afternoon with Luis Alberto Urrea, on Sunday, April 5,  Author Luis Urrea will share his experience writing The Hummingbird’s Daughter, followed by a Question & Answer session from the audience.  Urrea is a prolific and acclaimed writer who uses his dual-culture life experiences to explore themes of love, loss and triumph. The critically acclaimed author of 11 books, Urrea is an award-winning poet and essayist who has published extensively in all the major genres.  He was a 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist for nonfiction and is a member of the Latino Literature Hall of Fame.

It’s all happening at the original:
33nd Annual

& Eco-Expo&
The Home Buyers, House Sellers and Real Estate investors Expo!
April 3rd-5th
All New Pasadena Convention Center

Admission and parking is free! Courtesy of the Pasadena Convention Center’s Grand Opening!

Please tell your friends! Remember, this letter gets you in FREE!
Send a copy to all your friends and neighbors!
See you at the show!
NEC Group, Inc.

Mar 25 2009
Short Sales & Foreclosures: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Short Sales & Foreclosures: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Mar 24 2009
MySpace Music Internal Memo New Team

Chris DeWolfe memo:

Hi everyone,

On the heels of some incredibly positive and productive Music industry buzz last week surrounding the SXSW festival, I wanted to take a moment to spotlight the enormously talented executives who will be responsible for turning the MySpace Music JV into the dominant 360 degree music experience on the Internet.

I’m thrilled to introduce Alex Maghen (Chief Technology Officer) and Nancy Taylor (Lead Counsel, Vice President Business and Legal Affairs) – who will be joining Courtney Holt (President), Jamie Kantrowitz (Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategy), Roberto Fisher (Vice President, Product) and Frank Hajdu (Executive Director, Business Development) on the MySpace Music senior executive team.

The vast knowledge and experience that these individuals bring to the table spans across all areas of the business including mobile, digital music, sales, and online marketing and creates the rock solid foundation necessary for the continued growth of the MySpace Music business and brand. Check out their bios below and please join me in welcoming them to the team.

Finally, the music team has been working diligently over the last few months, turning out meaningful new product enhancements that have helped to greatly improve the user experience on MySpace Music.

The Top 8 New MySpace Music include:

1. New Player
2. Public Playlisting
3. Unlimited Playlists
4. Album Pages
5. Artist Activity Feed
6. New Music Search
7. Artist Authentication
8. Top Search Terms

I am so proud and excited about what this team has already accomplished. Keep your eyes and ears open—there’s more to come!


Courtney Holt
President, MySpace Music

Courtney Holt serves as President of MySpace Music a landmark joint venture among MySpace, The EMI Group, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony ATV.
In this role, Courtney oversees the growth and development of the MySpace Music brand. Courtney brings extensive music industry depth and relationships to MySpace Music, as well as experience and focus on product, promotion, and marketing that will serve to solidify the company’s position as a global leader in the digital music space as well as the platform of choice for artists at every level.

Prior to joining MySpace Music Courtney served as Executive Vice President of Digital Music for the MTV Networks Music and Logo Group where he oversaw all digital initiatives for the company’s MTV, VH1 and CMT music brands, as well as for Logo. In this role, Courtney was responsible for identifying ways to further engage audiences across a spectrum of touch points, expanding the reach of the music brands online and content syndication. He also worked closely with Integrated Marketing and Ad Sales teams to drive new business partnerships and advertising models within the MTV Networks Music & Logo Group portfolio.

Courtney’s team led the way on a number of instrumental initiatives that are providing the audience with the new means to interact with music including the recent launch of He also helped broker the creation of Rhapsody America, a joint venture between MTV Networks and RealNetworks and worked to develop the partnership between Rhapsody America and Verizon.

Prior to joining MTV Networks in 2006, Courtney was Senior Vice President of New Media, Creative and Strategic Marketing at Interscope Geffen A&M. There he embraced emerging technology to break new marketing ground, galvanizing communities of fans around top musical artists.

Beginning his career in the early 1990s as a freelance producer and director of music videos and commercials, Courtney was eventually appointed director of video production for Atlantic Records, where he introduced the concept of shooting live performances for electronic press kits and enhanced CDs and was responsible for some of the earliest artist broadcasts on the Internet. Aware of his accomplishments, A&M tapped Holt in 1996 to serve as their VP of New Media. At A&M, Holt championed the development of DVDs, online viral marketing campaigns, wireless artist channels and interactive music videos in the promotion of artists.

Throughout his career and as a veteran of the recording music industry, Courtney has earned recognition for embracing technology and changing the way labels traditionally promoted artists. His strategic initiatives helped usher in a new era of music marketing, which continues today. His vision is to continue shaping the way artists connect with their fans and ensuring that music lives across multiple platforms by further cultivating the sense of community that already defines and differentiates the MySpace Music experience.

Courtney earned a BS degree in Film from Boston University in 1990. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Jamie Kantrowitz
SVP Strategy and Global Marketing, MySpace Music

Jamie Kantrowitz is SVP of Strategy and Global Marketing for MySpace Music. In this role, Jamie will also oversee the strategy expanding MySpace Music’s rich media platform of content partnerships and original programming, artist strategy and label relations, consumer and product marketing initiatives. Jamie is also responsible for spearheading the expansion of the MySpace Music platform across the company’s international territories. She will be based in New York, where MySpace Music will have an office.

Prior to this role, Jamie served as MySpace’s Senior Vice President, International Marketing and Content based in London. She played an integral role in overseeing MySpace’s successful expansion into 30 international territories. Jamie joined MySpace in 2004 as VP of Marketing and Content. In this role, Jamie was integral in the original growth of MySpace’s entertainment properties, including MySpace Music and created and managed strategic marketing and promotional campaigns both online and offline.

For her innovative work at MySpace Jamie has been previously placed on Ad Age’s Top 50 Marketers and Billboard Magazine’s “30 Under 30 to Watch” list and was honored in. Prior to working at MySpace, Jamie spent time as the Digital Director for Rock the Vote during the 2004 Presidential election. Jamie also worked at Radar Magazine as its Marketing and Special Projects Director and at KPE, Inc., a New York-based digital media studio where she led the project teams that developed digital business and marketing strategies for clients such as Nickelodeon, J Records, and Ralph Lauren Media.

A native of the Los Angeles area, Jamie graduated from Emory University.

Alex Maghen
Chief Technology Officer, MySpace Music

Alex Maghen serves as Chief Technology Officer for MySpace Music. In this role, Alex leads all technological and platform initiatives for MySpace Music. With over fifteen years of experience overseeing and developing interactive media technologies, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to his position, and is poised to reinforce MySpace Music as the most innovative music product in existence.

Alex is no stranger to the CTO position, and brings with him six years of CTO experience in Online and Mobile Media. As CTO at Yahoo! Music / Launch Media and at MTV Networks Online, Alex drove a broad and highly integrated set of online properties which dramatically advanced the business and market goals of those companies. Alex developed new business and revenue opportunities in content and data syndication, including content integration with both online and on-air content partners. At Boston-based Groove Mobile, Alex led the mobile music platform’s product, architecture, and overall technology initiatives.

Alex began his career at AT&T, where he managed development of interactive products and programming for AT&T’s interactive television trials. Most recently, Alex has served as acting CTO and Head of Product for various Israeli Digital Media companies, helping them structure their business, organizations, and Product Architecture to best fit potential partnerships with larger international partners.

Alex has Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia. He has also taught at New York’s School for the Visual Arts. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Nancy Taylor
Lead Counsel, VP Business and Legal Affairs, MySpace Music

Nancy Taylor serves as Lead Counsel, VP Business and Legal Affairs for MySpace Music. In this role, Nancy oversees the company’s business and legal affairs in the US and internationally with respect to the recently launched MySpace Music. Nancy and her staff work to ensure that MySpace Music maintains its position as an industry leader and innovator while complying with applicable laws.

Nancy is a seasoned entertainment attorney and has held creative and senior management positions with major music companies, most recently as Senior Vice President, Office of the Chairman & CEO of Warner/Chappell Music Inc. Prior to this, Nancy served as Vice President and Deputy Counsel, Business and Legal Affairs, and Head of West Coast Operations for Arista Records. Apart from her professional duties, Nancy sits on various charitable boards and committees, and is active in politics and in the faith community.

Nancy graduated from University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in History and earned her Juris Doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley. Nancy currently resides in Los Angeles.

Roberto Fisher
Vice President, Product and Operations, MySpace Music

Roberto Fisher is Vice President of Product and Operations for MySpace Music. Roberto is an Internet music and digital media veteran known for his deep expertise in and passion about the space. He has nearly two decades of product and management experience in Internet, media, and rights management products, services and technology. Roberto currently oversees product management, program management, design, and analytics for MySpace’s new joint venture with the music industry.

Prior to his current role at MySpace Music, Roberto was Sr. Director of Product for Yahoo! Music where he drove digital media and connected device strategies, managed key music and technology partnerships, and grew content catalogs and offerings. Roberto played a central role in the successful growth of Yahoo!’s music business from 2001 through to 2008. During that time, he played key roles in building up Yahoo! Music to be the Internet’s number one music destination, and to be the leading provider worldwide of Music Videos and Internet Radio. Prior to Yahoo!’s acquisition of LAUNCH Media in 2001, Roberto was VP of Product for the website and VP Technology and Operations.

Before he joined LAUNCH, Roberto worked on Internet, information, application and automation products and services for Citicorp, CB Richard Ellis and Oracle Corporation. Roberto held various product roles over the nearly 7 years he worked at Oracle in Global Operations, in Product and Product Line Division, and in the Applications Division. During his time at Oracle, Roberto led early efforts to apply database technologies to managing and retrieving rich media with associated metadata, to the use of relational databases for knowledge management, and to the delivery of content to various client types (PC, Internet, email, fax, and mobile). He was also a principal contributor to the launch of and oversaw the build out out some of the first Internet hosted and database driven B2B services.

Education: Roberto graduated with Honors from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Values, Technology, Science and Society.

Frank Hajdu
Executive Director of Strategy & Business Development, MySpace Music

Frank Hajdu is the Executive Director of Strategy & Business Development for MySpace Music, MySpace Inc.’s landmark joint venture with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, SonyBMG Music Entertainment, Sony ATV, and EMI Music. As the head of the Strategy & Business Development team, Frank is responsible for formulating corporate strategy regarding deal structure, site monetization, and user- and artist-facing products as well as executing content, e-commerce, technology, and M&A transactions.

As a founding member of MySpace Music, Frank played an integral role in the creation of the business and product architecture of the new venture. Frank’s role is cross-disciplinary, working alongside a broad range of MySpace Music departments including Product, Marketing, Technology, and Finance to create progressive music business models and user experiences which align the interests of labels, artists, and music fans. Frank has been instrumental to the execution of such landmark content partnerships as those with the four major labels as well as leading indie aggregators The Orchard and IODA. He has also brokered MySpace Music’s digital sales partnership with Amazon MP3 as well as its copyright protection solutions with Audible Magic.

Frank’s team continues to explore and consummate numerous content, e-commerce, and technology partnerships while simultaneously developing do-it-yourself promotional and monetization tools for major, independent, and unsigned artists. MySpace Music aims to build upon MySpace’s historically artist-forward approach by helping hard-working musicians to grow their fanbases, market their content effectively, and properly monetize their digital content and physical goods.

Prior to joining MySpace in 2006, Frank held positions within Elektra Entertainment Group’s Artists & Repertoire department as well as Credit Suisse’s Private Equity division. Frank holds a B.A. in Business Economics from Brown University and an M.B.A. from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Mar 24 2009
Pasolivo Olive Oil Co Paso Robles

Pasolivo Olive Oil Co Paso Robles


To contact a member of the Pasolivo family
please call 805.227.0186, or email them directly.

Joeli Yaguda – Owner
[email protected]

Jillian Waters
[email protected]

General Information
[email protected]

Come visit us! The Pasolivo Tasting Room is regularly open Thursday from 11:00 to 4:00, Friday through Sunday, from 11:00 to 5:00, and Monday from 11:00 to 4:00. Taste our award-winning olive oils, learn how olive oil is made, tour our state-of-the-art press, or browse through our tasteful & unique olive oil gifts.

8530 Vineyard Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446

View Larger Map

Phone: 805.227.0186
Email: [email protected]

Pasolivo olive oil is produced at our family’s ranch in Paso Robles, located on California’s central coast. We have over 45 acres of olive trees under cultivation, in varieties chosen specifically for their excellent oil. Pasolivo is our family’s signature olive oil: an estate grown and pressed extra virgin olive oil made of Tuscan olives grown on our ranch. All of our oils are made in our own olive press, just steps away from our orchard. This gives us the ability to create olive oils out of the freshest fruit available – and we believe you can taste that in our award-winning oils.
Pasolivo and Willow Creek Olive Ranch – About Us

Pasolivo and Willow Creek Olive Ranch – Family

The ranch is operated by the Guth/Yaguda family. Karen Guth, began planting olive trees on her 140 acre ranch in 1996. She then purchased an Olio Mio press from Italy, and her son Joshua underwent training in the art of olive milling. The family now uses a state of the art Pieralisi press, installed for the Winter 2005 harvest. Joshua has milled gold medal winning olive oils both for Pasolivo and for other local producers. His wife, Joeli Yaguda, manages all sales and marketing of the olive oils, which have sold out each year they’ve been made available to the public. The family’s yellow lab, Olive, is the ranch’s official greeter.

Pasolivo and Willow Creek Olive Ranch – History

The Ranch at Pasolivo was originally owned by King Vidor, renowned film director (“War and Peace”, “Northwest Passage”, “Stella Dallas”) and producer (“The Champ”, “Ruby Gentry”). Karen Guth has owned the ranch since the early nineties. The ranch is located in the historic Adelaida region on the west side of Paso Robles, home to world-class wineries that include Justin Vineyards & Winery, Saxum, Tablas Creek Vineyards & Winery and Villicana Winery.

Where to buy:

Campanile Restaurant
624 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Carlsbad Wine Merchants
5814 Van Allen Way
Carlsbad, CA

C’est Cheese
(805) 965-0318
825 Santa Barbara St
Santa Barbara, CA

City Bakery
225 26th St
Santa Monica, CA

Froma on Melrose
7960 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Times Wine Cellars
(800) 331-3005
250 Ogle Street
Costa Mesa, CA

Joan’s on Third
8350 W Third St
Los Angeles, CA

Kaldi Coffee & Tea
3147 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Naples Gourmet Grocer
5650 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA

3510 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA

The Packing House Wine Merchants
540 West 1st St
Claremont, CA

8777 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

Treasure Beach
928 E Ojai Ave
Ojai, CA

Mar 23 2009
FedEx Plane Crash at Narita International Airport In Tokyo

A Federal Express Corp cargo plane crashes and burst into flames as it landed at Narita international airport on March 23, 2009 in Toyko.
Category: News & Politics
Fedex Federal Express Plane Crash Narita International Airport Toyko Japan Airplane Landing Fire Flames Pilot Bad Aeroplane Fed Ex Cargo

Mar 23 2009
International Housewares Expo in Chicago

Go on now. 60, 000 attendees and 2, 000 vendors/ merchants selling all sorts of items for the home. From steamers to indoor garden systems.

Visit the official site here:

Vege peel –

spachelo – slice begals, spread as well

grill -firewire -stainless steel .99 for 2

Foreman function – waste baskets, , rocket sheet, Space boy, trash cans.

Hunter – ceiling fan with speaker, wireless speakers, control  –  concert breeze.

Gardening gadgets, new garden, you have a lawn small. aero garden, pepers - 9 inside your home.

trend is upbeat.  More people are staying home and doing things at home.

Mar 23 2009
Job Hunting Expenses

If you are looking for a job in the same industry.

Searching for jobs:  tax preparation, investment, have to exceed 2%

if you are looking for a sales job and you are in sales you can deduct.

Deduct health insurance premiums.  Have to exceed 7% of gross

Stimulus checks – if you lost your job you can deduct 0k or less. 00 for married, 0.  0 for every child tax credit.

Earned income tax credit.

Recession Busting Tax Tips

Investors who lost money: No deductions

401k no claims

If you lost 00 in capital losses, if you have more

IRS put out a notice on ponzi schemes, if you lost money, you can write it off as a theft.

Exclude foregiven

Home buyers credit 7500 – 8k. You have to pay it back.

If you buy now 2009, you can get.

Can’t pay your tax, call the irs and let them know.

Help for preparation of taxes.

Community centers.

Tax prep


forms you can fill out.

Mar 23 2009
CitySearch Food Site Cheap Eats


Ben at TechNews – Monday, March 23, 2009


Citysearch Launches Food Site


West Hollywood-based Citysearch said this morning that it has launched a new, online blog site called 3BuckBites, focused on “cheap eats” costing less than $3.99. The firm said that the site will feature content from its own editors, bloggers, and users. The new blog site is part of an expansion of the firm into stand-alone, vertical sites, all of which push users to Citysearch information and search pages. 3BuckBites mostly features short review snippets from Citysearch editors pointing to “more info” on CitySearch’s information sites.


3BuckBites is a great idea for a site.

Mar 22 2009
Pink Slip Mixers CNN ABC Coverage

Edwin Duterte wants you to know about the following
(View Edwin Duterte’s profile)

Our job networking events are unique.  Watch the CNN and ABC news reports to give you an idea of what to expect from our events. 2 Minute report 5 Minute Report ABC 7 News

You will have a positive experience and hopefully network with someone who might find you a job.

You are just one contact away from your next great career opportunity because…
Pink Slip Mixers are FREE to Job Seekers!

  • Meet, mingle and share your resume with recruiters and hiring managers
  • Network with other mid to senior level people and share contacts
  • Pump selling power into your resume with a Rapid Radical Resume Review
  • Connect with industry colleagues and get the scoop on who’s hiring
  • Learn what BUZZ words delight decision makers and scanners alike
  • Get the latest interviewing tips from pros and peers in-person and online
  • Explore new search tools and discover hidden job opportunities
  • When you arrive, you get a color-coded name tag. This makes it easy to approach the people who can help you most.

Job seekers, your tags are orange and you can specify what industry you’re targeting.

If you are a recruiter, HR professional or direct hire company representative, your tags are black and labeled with your company name.

So, join our pink slip party and let’s “Pay It Forward” and get each other closer to a job.

RSVP to the next mixer near you at


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