Sep 9 2013

Apple Announcement Sept 10, 2013 iPhone 5C/5S

Apple invitation “This should brighten everyone’s day” No iWatch, no iPad, new Apple TV, we could see these next year. Live streaming video by Ustream There will most likely be a lower cost iPhone 5C and an iPhone 5S, in addition there will be the new iOS 7 which will run the new iPhones. There […]

Aug 17 2012

Apple iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and iTV

September could be a very busy month fopr Apple as rumors swirl about the new devices already in production and about to be released  and announced in the coming weeks. Apple’s first television product… Apple iTV is coming…

Nov 29 2011

Apple iPad iPhone Filling out PDF forms iOS

Are you searching the internet for solutions to view and edit Adobe Acrobat PDF forms on your iOS device, like the iPhone and iPad? Well there are a few solutions worth noting. 1. Lifeforms -  does exactly what you want. You can fill out a form, print, email it or save it. Sign the form, add notes, […]

Sep 1 2010

Apple September 1, 2010 Release

Some very interesting announcements being made by Apple. Apple TV – stream to multiple devices Watch a slide slow Rent Movies Price $229 More affordable…… now only $99!!! This is huge! Available later this month, about 4 weeks. Apple iPod – iPod Nano iPod Touch – includes facetime, between iPhones and iPod Touches, this is […]

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