Feb 26 2012
Social Music Summit 2012 – How to Fix Copyright

Fireside Chat: “How to Fix Copyright” at the Social Music Summit @ the 12th Annual Digital Music Forum East at the Museum of Jewish Heritage NYC on Feb 23 2012.


William Patry, Senior Copyright Counsel, Google Inc.
Jim Griffin, Managing Director, OneHouse LLC



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One thought on “Social Music Summit 2012 – How to Fix Copyright

  1. William Patry makes a lot of great points in his book. I have profound respect for him because he is one of the very few who is not afraid to dig deep to the foundational question: why do we have copyright laws at all He correctly debunks many myths behind today’s mainstream justification behind copyright that it is supposed to balance the interests of creators with the interests of the public.  Because Patry’s book is based on erroneous conjectures, the big issue is, it consequently it concludes with extremely dangerous proposals.  Patry thinks that copyright laws are not about giving creators the right to have power over how their works are utilized. In his view, the purpose of copyright laws is to ensure the most benefits to the public but only give authors the bare minimum to would encourage creativity.  In my article, How Not To Fix Copyright – My Response to William Patry (http://mincovlaw.com/blog-post/how_not_to_fix_copyright) , I explain the flaws in Patry’s approach and provide many specific comments to extracts from his book.

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