Feb 4 2010
Meteor Sighting Over Griffith Park Los Angeles Hollywood?

This is pretty interesting, but apparently there are other reports of lights in the sky.
Last week while driving home on the 5 south near the 134 interchange I looked into the horizon and then up and there it was a streak of light with a trail that looked just like a meteor coming into the earth’s atmosphere and burning up.

Could it be part of the Perseid meteor shower?

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2 thoughts on “Meteor Sighting Over Griffith Park Los Angeles Hollywood?

  1. I’ve been driving home from work in Burbank by going up the 5 and then onto the 14 for 5 years. Last night I witnessed a large fireball at about 7:25pm Pacific Time.

    I’m told that this is not likely related to the current quadrantid meteor shower. The Leonids are in November and the Perseids are in August.

  2. October 27 at around 12:34 am I saw a huge meteor. I have seen little ones before. But this was bright orange and I lie in Silver Lake….. it was heading west towards the ocean. Beautiful ….but kind of large and unusual. Daniel Dodd

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