Jan 25 2012

Innovera United Brands Toner Cartridges Customer Service 866-756-4676

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INNOVERA 866-756-4676
Did you buy an Innovera laser toner cartridge (United Brands is the parent company of Innovera)
Innovera toner cartridges sometimes leak toner on your printouts, so use caution.
But if you call them and talk to them they are very friendly and will offer a replacement and they will ask you to throw away the old one. No need to keep it or send it back.
Usually takes a few days to get it.

INNOVERA Customer Service Option 1 (866) 756-4676
- They answer the phone usually right away.
This is something I have seen with items purchased at Costco, as Costco also sells this item.

In the past few weeks I have had a few experiences with bad cartridges from Innovera, where they will leak toner into the printer.

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