Jul 26 2017
PatchMD Vitamin Revolution Skin Patch Save 30% July Promo Code @MyPatchMD

Patch MD was founded by top rated doctors and scientists.

The latest in topical patch technology PatchMD’s solution to your nutrient intake. 100% natural, convenient and easy to use. Lactose, gluten and sugar-free.

20 Uniquely Formulated Products Made in the USA

100% Natural, Gluten, Lactose, Sugar and Latex Free!

Buy Sleep Starter Patch with Melatonin and 5HTP from PatchMD. Save 30% this month!


  • May Help You Fall Asleep Faster and Easier
  • Combats Insomnia with a Natural Solution
  • Non-Habit Forming & Drug-Free
  • Improves Sleep Quality, Wake Up Revitalized
  • May Diminish the Symptoms of Jet Lag
  • Effective Absorption Over Pills & Liquids
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

Melatonin is a hormone that’s involved in the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep cycle, as well the regulation of a variety of body functions. Its production is triggered by darkness, with levels peaking around midnight. The powerful relaxing combination of herbs help promote a restful night’s sleep.*

Patch MD Kids MultiVitamin. Save 30% this month!

PatchMD the Vitamin Revolution. Truly changing the world for the better 1 patch at a time and there is a lot to be said for that.

#1 Multivitamin for Adults from PatchMD. Save 30% this month!

  • May help to fill in any nutrient gaps that may exist from inadequate dietary intake
  • May help support bone and joint health, breast, prostate and colon health and immune system strength
  • May help protect healthy cells from damage
  • May help support the immune system in defending against free radicals
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

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