Feb 28 2017
Pasadena City Hall: A Finalist in National Beautiful City Hall Contest – Vote for Pasadena
Pasadena City Hall 
A Finalist in National Beautiful City Hall Contest
Pasadena City Hall is among the final four in a national “beautiful city hall” contest–we are about 2,000 votes behind Peoria, Ill city hall.   Please consider supporting Pasadena and our beloved city hall by clicking here and voting for Pasadena, CA.
Voting ends March 2nd. Don’t miss your chance to vote for Pasadena City Hall!
If you comment about Pasadena City Hall after you vote, your vote triples!
Here’s the ironic part … the trophy at stake is the “Leslie B. Knope” Trophy …. Which, for any of you “Parks and Rec” fans know, is the show’s main character portrayed by comedic actress Amy Poehler, for the fictional city of “Pawnee” that was filmed right here at Pasadena City Hall!
This is our trophy … but we are currently way, way behind in the voting that closes in two (2) days … spread the word.

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