Apr 5 2014
Tradespoon Daily Trading Recommendations

At Tradespoon, we want you to trade smarter. Most online traders are making decisions blindly without enough information. And it is too easy to lose money when trading without sufficient research—research the average investor does not have the time or skills to do.

At Tradespoon, we do the homework for you, so you can make trades you can feel confident about.

Tradespoon provides you with daily trading recommendations that use a statistical system for maximizing returns from our stock & options picks—this is the most scientific way to predict trading returns. We also provide you with buy and sell recommendations, training webinars and a virtual trading platform to allow you to practice trading in a risk-free environment.

Tradespoon is led by one of the country’s trading experts, combining expertise in money management and building quantitative trading systems. Vlad Karpel, formerly Head of Technology at OptionsXpress, has spent 15 years building the most-sophisticated trading system on the market. Other trade pick sites cannot provide the depth of predictive precision that the Tradespoon platform and team can provide.

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