Jan 5 2014
KIOR and Other New Energy Companies 60 Minutes

KIOR and Other New Energy Companies

60 Minutes did a piece of Energy Companies.

One company KIOR is making “fuel” from wood chips.

Khosla is staying in with help of the government.

Are they over promising and under delivering?

How are these companies doing for shareholders?

Fear criticism.

Range Fuels

Failures or was it a learning part of what we are learning?

Algae and other alternative forms of

Giving up learning curve with taxpayer

$150 billion invested by taxpayers into these innovations?

LG Chem – Energy Dept would not do a interview.

Clean Tech Ventures

Loans are starting to be repaid by some companies.

Clean Tech companies was

A123 was purchased by En Chi, Chinsee
Smith Electric Trucks

Wang Shun America
6000 American Workers

kior consequences of avoiding failure are doing nothing

More info on the cleantech pieces here

But now we have auto companies developing super efficient solar panels to drive autos.


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