Jan 4 2014
AT&T Offering $450 Incentive to T-Mobile Customers May Not Be As Good As It Sounds

So what is AT&T doing to deflect the surge in customers signing up with T-Mobile? Offering a $200 bill credit and $250 device credit. But double check before you get too excited about leaving T-Mobile for this incentive from AT&T.

First of all, the handset you select is sold at full retail. So an iPhone could cost you upwards of $600 – $250 is still $350, so beware.
Second, be sure that the plan you signup for on AT&T is equal to what you have currently with T-Mobile.
Thirdly, be sure that the service is what AT&T claims. AT&T is notoriously bad about claiming service everywhere but not delivering. I was a customer with AT&T Wireless and gave up after years of fighting and waiting for service to improve. Years of dropped calls and no service or poor service will convince you of this.

Anyway, it could be a good deal for you, but double check before jumping ship. Things could also get more interesting as T-Mobile is about to release some even better pricing plans for those with 2-3 lines on a family plan.

It is expected that T-Mobile will also be offering incentives to those on AT&T and Verizon in contract, by paying termination fees.

T-Mobile is heating the subscriber acquisition growing my over 1 million subscribers in the last quarter, although the 45 million subscribers is about half of Verizon or AT&T, it is in contrast to the 360,000 customers leaving Sprint. Sprint as we know is in serious trouble, and has been acquired by SoftBank, none of which has helped the carrier out of what appears to be a downward spiral, although Sprint stock is up.


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