Jun 3 2013
World’s First Personalized Wine Experience – Tasting Room by Lot18 – Only $9.95

Introducing The World's First Personalized Wine Experience. FREE Wine Profile | Start the experience with 6 wine samplers for only $9.95Tasting Room by Lot18 is the world’s first fully personalized wine experience. In other words, you tell us what you like, then you get the wines you want — which is how all wine shopping should work, right? Here’s what’s in store for you:

  1. Taste and rate 6 mini bottles that let you experience a range of delicious wines.
  2. Get your free WinePrint™ profile and learn which wines are a turn-on to your taste buds.
  3. Receive 12 bottles of wine specially selected for their ability to excite your palate. Every three months we’ll send you 12 more specially selected wines.

No more impersonal wine shops. No more anonymous wine clubs. Tasting Room learns what your palate likes, then picks the best wines for you. Get started now!

The Tasting Room Team


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