Dec 2 2013
H2grOw – Automated Growing Systems

H2grOw is the most automated grow system on the planet and it is so easy even a child can use it. Whether you want to grow beautiful flowers, delicious herbs or fresh vegetables the H2grOw system does the work for you. It is a self-contained self-watering garden system with a specially designed self-irrigating bag and patented soil compound that will grow practically anything you want up to 5X bigger than traditional gardening. You just plant, hook up your hose and come back to harvest. No prior gardening knowledge needed, no weeding, no getting dirty, and with our timer it will even water itself for you!

H2grOw offers a variety of H2grow systems and sizes to meet any would be H2grOw’ers growing needs whether you live in a city apartment or have a nice backyard there is a H2grOw system just for you. And with pricing starting at just $69 for a “Junior” size system up to our most popular “Complete” system priced at $219 they are affordable to everyone and are the perfect gift. Shipping is free and on-going customer promotions include a 20% off a Complete System, $40 off a complete system and a monthly Give-A-way!

$40 off a Complete H2grOw System! Use Code Promo Cde CJ345 for $40 off a complete system.

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