Jul 2 2013
First Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory in Los Angeles @chocovivo
The First Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory

in Los Angeles!

We’ve been on hiatus since the Abbot Kinney shop closed in January.  Six months later we are about to open a bigger and better experience.  It’s always been the goal to give you honest chocolate – from grower to table. From the transparency and awe of seeing the ingredients go into your chocolate, to seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting the purity of cacao is how we should experience chocolate, just as the ancient people in Mesoamerica did thousands of years ago.  This is a new beginning of ChocoVivo, and we hope that you will enjoy the ride.  Thank you to all the customers, from farmers market beginnings to Abbot Kinney shoppers.  It’s been a long journey. And it will only get better.  – Patricia

Soft Opening July 15.  
What does that mean?  We will still be working out the kinks so please be patient, but we will be ready to serve you with at least chocolate!
What will you be serving?
– Fresh Stone Ground Chocolate
– Drinking Chocolate.  Chocolate + Water, Chocolate + Milk
– Pastries.  Pain du Chocolat (with ChocoVivo chocolate of course!)
– Chocolate + Cheese + Bread . The picture that we flash in front of your face and drooled and begged us to serve you.
Will you have Classes?
– Yes! Chocolate Making Classes to Chocolate Pairing Classes with coffee, cheese, wine, and whiskey.
What is the address?
12469 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90066
(Cross street Centinela. Across from B&B Hardware. Two doors down from Gloria’s Cake Supply Place)
There is plenty of parking on side streets! Yah!
What are the store hours?
Tentatively 9 – 8 PM

We hope to see you at the shop!

We will still be at the Farmers Markets:

Culver City: Tuesday- 2 PM – 7 PM,  Main Street between Culver & Venice Blvd
Mar Vista: Sunday – 9 AM – 2 PM, 12224 Venice Blvd
ChocoVivo chocolate can also be purchased at Grow , Curious Palate, Cacao MexicatessenHeath Ceramics, New York Mouth, Marx Foods, Boulder Bookstore, Fastachi
(always best to call before heading over there)

…And of course, you can ALWAYS buy our bars online at www.chocovivo.com


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