May 23 2013
All Electric Chevy Spark $20k Purchase or Lease

The all electric Chevy Spark is expected to go on sale next month and the price will be in the $20k range, after tax incentives and rebates.

The range is 80 miles or so depending on your driving style.

What is more exciting is that GM/Chevy will be offering a $199/mo lease option on the Spark.

The Spark is expected to go on sale in California and Oregon in June 2013.

According to the GM/Chevy – Spark website and the Los Angeles Times:

The Chevy Spark lease runs for 36 months and requires a $999 down payment on a car with a sticker price of $27,495. It includes a limit of 12,000 miles annually, after which drivers would pay 25 cents a mile.

That tracks closely to the deals recently promoted by Nissan and Fiat. Nissan dropped the entry-level price on the Leaf to by $6,400 to $28,800, and paired that with a $199-a-month lease and a $1,999 down payment.

The lease on the new Fiat 500e, which stickers at $32,500, is $199 a month with a $999 down payment.



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