Apr 19 2011
Dell Latitude D620 Wireless Card Issues and Resolution Fix

Here is the quickest and easiest solution to vast majority of problems with Dell Wireless 1300/1350/1370/1390/1395/1397/1400/1450/1470/1490/1500/1505/1510/1520 WLAN (Broadcom 43xx chip-based) cards under Windows XP SP3 (32-bit). It should also work under other Windows versions.  Note: Your laptop should be flashed with the latest BIOS and your system drivers should be installed in the Dell-prescribed order.


1) Uninstall the Dell Wireless WLAN Card application or stop & disable the Dell Wireless WLAN Tray service

2) Download the as of this writting latest version ( A31-1 R286815 11/9/2010) XP driver:  DELL_MULTI-DEVICE_A31-1_R286815.exe

3) Unzip (without automatically installing) the downloaded DELL_MULTI-DEVICE_A31-1_R286815.exe by running it and then, in this order:

-click Continue, OK and then Yes to unzip the driver files to C:delldriversR286815 folder,

-click OK when you get the message ‘All files were successfully unzipped’,

click OK when you get the setup error message ‘No compatible hardware found… Setup will now exit’   or   click Cancel to further installation of the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Setup in case of certain laptops (Latitude – D620, D420, D620, D630, D430; Precision – M6300).

4) Install (manually) this driver:

-open Device Manager (press Windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc , press Enter),

-click Network adapters, double-click the listed Dell Wireless card,

-click Driver, click Update Driver…, click ‘Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)’, click Next, click Browse, select C:delldriversR286815DRIVER_US, click Next.


You should now be able to manage your WiFi through the Windows’ built-in Wireless Network Connection utility rather than through the moody Dell/Broadcom one that seems to be the reason for all headaches. No need for HP downloads.



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