Nov 16 2011
Alcachofa Artichoke Diet Does it Really Work

If you follow dieting fads and trends you may have recently heard of the alcachofa diet. Alcachofa is artichoke in Spanish.

There are some sellers on Amazon and ebay selling various alcachofa related diet and supplument products.

There are a variety products that claim to offer results when dieting, but I have first hand knowledge that the Alcachofa diet really does work, at least three people I have heard and seen stories that it works.

The best is the liquid pouches.

To buy visit the site.

Wanna Lose Weight??????
Newest Diet Craze in Mexico…. that really works.
Both my friend and i have lost a total of 30 pounds together using the GN + Vida Alcachofas Drinking Ampoules. And I am super excited to share this product with you.

Each box contains 10 drink ampoules that you take in the morning with your favorite juice or for faster results mixed with water. I have legit packages with the company seal on the box.
For best results I encourage you to try the product for 1 month, (3 boxes), Most people sell these for $22 dollars a box, mine are only $18. I also sell the pills.

Just in case you have been looking for alternatives:

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Alcachofa Phytochemical Blend: Raspberry Ketones, Artichoke Extract, African Mango, Bitter Orange

Alcachofa Phytochemical Blend: Raspberry Ketones, Artichoke Extract, African Mango, Bitter Orange

Here’s one account:

So far they have helped control my appetite and it causes you to drink ALOT of water, cuz it makes you really thirsty. You gotta keep hydrated cuz its helping to rid fat so you need water to flush everything out. My friend suggested them to me, shes been using them for a few weeks now and shes lost weight – she doesnt even work out – , but if you work out, its more effective 🙂 Lets see how my first 10 days go 🙂 good luck! o ya – get the drinkable ones, not the pills. the drink is pretty nasty, not horrible, but it leaves an after taste.


Not too bad for an artichoke based diet?


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