Apr 14 2010
Virgin Airlines Offers low priced flights to England

Have you been dreaming of a trip to jolly old England for a while now? Are you interested in the fantastic sights or experiencing the typical London way of life? England is steeped in history and compared to what most think it is quite a diverse country, there are hundreds of ancient castles, statues, lakes, gardens, palaces and museums to suit both young and old. If sight seeing is not your thing then check out the always active night life, bars, discos, theatres loads to catch you interest. Even a night stroll down by the river Thames, there’s always someone putting on a show; street performers and pubs spill out onto the pavement and mingle together with smiles all around. If you’re not interested in England, then use it as a gateway to the rest of Europe, trains can cheaply connect you to hundreds of nearby destinations.   

Check out the latest deals on cheap flights to Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic and airline that always has a decent deal is now offering cheap flights from the U.S. to England at a special discounted price if you book between certain dates.  Most booking times run from April till May, but there are a few that go till September so depending on where you are get in there quick. For more information go to VIRGIN ATLANTIC


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