Apr 27 2010
Sniffle Buddies For Your Kids

If you want to see your baby drooling in garden, and crawling in grass safely, uninterrupted and without having to run after them with the tissues to wipe their noses, sniffle buddies are here for you. Sniffle buddies are soft wrist bands made from 70% Organic bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, and 2% poly. They are worn on the kids’ wrists while they are enjoying and having fun and then can be thrown away later. Have a look at Snifflebuddies.com to see varieties of buddies at display and importance that the same can play in your lives.

They are eco friendly, and anti bacterial too and best for the children who are very sensitive to allergies and get easily infected by the debris filled environment of the spring. Sniffle Buddies are just providing sensitive children or even adults too an alternative to the germy tissue papers or those who use their bare hands to tickle or sniff. Know more about it at Snifflebuddies.com. Many children make use of tissues at one go, without making effective use of them dropping them where ever they feel and spread germs. With Sniffle buddies, this is all avoided. Moreover these buddies are environmental friendly too as the use of these means saving many trees, directly and indirectly saving our nature and environment.

What more they too come in different colors and shades and look graceful on your child’s wrist.

Mom inventors who created an eco-friendly, antibacterial, hanky for the wrist…a buddy to catch their sniffles!

Here’s some pictures of the Sniffles Buddies at Pasadena Earth Day Festival:

130_3208 by you.

130_3209 by you.

See more pictures of Sniffle Buddies and the inventor on flickr:



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