Oct 16 2010
Altadena Urban Farmers Market

Urban Farmers Market at

on Sunday October 17, 3-6pm.

The market will be an opportunity for people mostly from Altadena to sell home grown and home made stuff, mostly food, to each other. Shopping at the market will require a free membership, which gets around the issue that we are not certified growers or making our prepared foods in commercial kitchens. Its a great chance to really show off the incredible bounty in Altadena and to create a more local food economy for everyone in the neighborhood.

Promotion for the event started yesterday on facebook. You can see the event info, and invite others to attend, here:


Everything from produce to seedlings, bread to honey, sauces and sodas, hair care products, pies, prepared foods, etc.

For vendor information and a vendor application. If you are interested in participating, please send the application back to me off line at zanegreyestate-altadena@yahoo.com.

Vendor space is free, but the market is asking for 10% of cash sales — half of which will go to the  Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  The market is also encouraging vendors to accept Arroyo Time Bank dollars as well as real money.
A free membership is required to shop at the market.  Membership forms will be available on site.  Deadline for application for vendors is Oct. 1.  To get a vendor form, email zanegreyestate-altadena@yahoo.com
Putnam said that information about the market can be found on its Facebook page,

The Altadena Urban Farmer’s Market will run from 3 to 6 PM on Sun., Oct. 17, at the Zane Grey Estate, 396 E. Mariposa St.

This market is for home grown and home made stuff, mostly from Altadena, so its not like a regular farmers market. Since the providers are ho…me growers, they are not certified organic, but I would describe most of their practices as “beyond organic.” Best part is, you can just ask them, since its the actual grower that you will be buying from. I think the market planned for Farnsworth was more of a traditional farmers market, but was postponed due to concerns about parking availability near Farnsworth Park.

Some vendors:

1. Marcia from HomeBody Botanicals lives right over the Altadena boarder in Pasadena, where she grows herbs and makes cool stuff right there on her homestead. Non-toxic herbal products she will be selling on Sunday include Refine: facial grains that replace soap, Breathe: chest rub, Soothe: calendula balm for itchy skin …and little abrasions, Relieve: arnica salve for achy muscles and joint pain, Wash: laundry detergent, Clean: household cleaner and Shine: repurposed lemon oil-infused dusting cloths.

2. Silk printing equipment.

Arroyo Food Co-op Bring your own T-shirt, apron, shopping bag and make it uniquely yours! ~Ginko

Ginko, from the Arroyo Food Co-op, will have a table at which you can have something screen printed with either the Arroyo Food Co-op logo or some veggies. So don’t forget to bring an old t-shirt or apron!

3. Pulled pork, ribs, and free-range chickens will be on the grill at the market! Several vendors will be offering food and drinks to enjoy on-site, so come hungry!

4. Based in Monrovia, CA, just east of Los Angeles, Big Slim’s Hickory Creek BBQ is a mobile BBQ smoker rig that also encompasses an event grill, a flat top grill, deep fryer and a complete mobile kitchen. Perfect for events of any size!


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