Jun 24 2008
Autocerm: improve gas and car performance

Q. What is AutoCerm?
A. AutoCerm is a ceramic catalyst that is embedded 2 microns into the sub-surface of the metal of an engine or drive train.

Q. How does AutoCerm work?
A. AutoCerm seals and protects metal for superior lubrication of hot parts. AutoCerm can maintain adhesion to hot metal in excess of 1900º F. Normal oil avoids metal at 275º and will oxidize at 375-425º.

The hard ceramic finish will expand and contract without separating from the metal which ensures protection in both hot and cold conditions.

AutoCerm is extremely strong and can withstand pressures in excess of 350, 000 PSI. That is over 20 times the protection of any oil, additive or synthetic oil.

AutoCerm’s advanced and entrenched properties provide for enhanced lubrication which allows the engine to run smoothly and cleanly, as well as providing for increased power.

Moreover, the micro-embedded AutoCerm properties can be maintained not only at high temperatures but also exist on the engine parts after the engine stops running.

This effect is in stark contrast to the inadequate filming of motor oil which results in a condition referred to as “dry-start”. Because motor oil drains off the engine parts when the engine is not running, an inadequate layer of lubricant causes engine parts considerable wear each time the engine is started.

Q. Will AutoCerm damage my engine?
A. No. AutoCerm is not only safe for your car, it’s good for it. Unlike “oil treatments”, AutoCerm contains no solvents or FTEs. AutoCerm was tested for over 5 years in state and federal-government approved facilities.

Q. Is AutoCerm similar to STP, SLICK 50, or any other oil additive?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! AutoCerm is patented new technology that doesn’t rely on PTFE’s. AutoCerm has never been known to accumulate and cause engine problems. If there is any excess amount of AutoCerm at any given time, it will increase your fuel economy and exit when the oil is changed.

Q. How many treatments do I have to apply?
A. Because AutoCerm works with your engine, not the oil, one treatment is all you’ll need to see lasting improvement in engine efficiency. Small maintenance doses are recommended to reach even better results over time. But they’re not necessary.

Q: Does AutoCerm work with Diesel engines
A.Yes. The dosage required varies depending on the size of your diesel engine. Four cylinder: One (2-oz.) bottle; Six Cylinder – Two Bottles: Eight Cylinder – Three bottles.


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